Healthy Eating Club - March

17th March 2017
Healthy Eating
The healthy eating club has kicked off again with an array of fruity ideas!
We are also promoting this theme through our lunchtimes aswell, hoping that the children will have some fruit and vegetables in their lunch boxes.

Healthy Stuffed Pittas

Serves 4


 4 six-inch plain or whole-wheat pitas

Then choose any filling you like!

Please try to include a vegetable:

Grated carrot, cucumber slices, olives, mushrooms, sweetcorn, onion, red or green pepper or whatever else you like.

And then some protein:

Tuna, cheese – mozzarella, cheddar, feta etc, ham, chicken or whatever else you fancy.

Carefully cut the pittas in half and using your thumb try and open them up to create a little pocket for your filling. Sometimes the pitta can tear but don’t worry, it will still taste good! Stuff your filling inside, we found that putting a layer of lettuce first heled stop them from getting soggy if you are using a wet filling like tuna or mozzarella. If you want to you can then grill the pitta breads for 1 1/2 minutes on each side or until the pitta is lightly toasted. Alternatively, pop into an oiled skillet pan and warm through on the hob.

Serve and enjoy!

Rainbow Fruit Salad


1 ripe mango (or 2 passion fruit, a grapefruit or 2 bananas)

2 kiwi fruits (or 2 apples, or pears)

3 clementine, satsumas or mandarin oranges (tinned or fresh)

300g strawberries (or raspberries, blueberries, or a mixture of them)

150g grapes (red or green or both)

Or whatever combination you have at home!


For the syrup: orange juice, fresh mint


Here is a suggestion of fruit, but feel free to replace them with fruits you really like. Try to make sure you have as many different colours in there as you can. You could use fresh, frozen or tinned fruit.


-              Cut up fruit into bit sized pieces.

-              Mix in a large bowl

-              Add orange juice and fresh mint.

-              Eat and enjoy!