John Dougherty Day!

23rd November 2016
On Wednesday 23rd November, we were delighted to welcome children's author John Dougherty into our school! He kicked off our day with a fun-filled assembly, where we heard all about his 'Stinkbomb and Ketchup-face' books, heard some of his hilarious songs and were able to ask him all kinds of questions!
John then visited each classroom to work with the children. In Blackbird and Starling Classes, he read the children his newest book 'There's A Pig Up My Nose!' and children had lots of fun imagining not only which animals might get stuck up their noses, but also how they would get them out!
He then visited Badger Class to set them a Roman Poetry Challenge! The class wrote several fantastic poems together before having a go at their own. The results were truly fantastic!
After lunch, Squirrel Class welcomed John to the class during their Guided Reading session, then shared their exciting class challenge to write their own book. They listened carefully as he gave them lots of advice about writing stories- to imagine that they are there and use all of their senses, to focus description on only the most important parts and not to over-do their writing with unnecessary vocabulary or punctuation! They enjoyed reading extracts from the second draft of their story to him and have promised to send him a copy when it is finished!
Our incredible day was finished off with an assembly to share our exciting work with some of our parents, as well as hearing one more of his funny songs! John also spoke passionately to the parents and children to highlight how important reading for enjoyment is, for both adults and children. The day created a real buzz around reading, with the majority of children queuing up after school to buy one of his books and have it signed!
An enormous thank you to John Dougherty for such an inspiring day!