Squirrel Class Survival Challenge!

6th April 2017
As the end of theme 'Survival' outcome, Squirrel Class took part in an overnight Survival Challenge!
The children were transported to a mystery location, to be met by Miss Thomas and Mrs Bowers. Their first challenge (after removing their blindfolds!) was to carry their enormous bags to our tents!

The day was full of Survival and team building challenges: 'backwoods cooking' over our own open fires, a low-ropes course challenge, orienteering treasure hunt and team games. During the evening, we built our own campfire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows! We also played torchlight hide-and-seek and then took part our own bug-eating 'Bush Tucker Trial'!
It was an incredibly cold night, but the children did brilliantly in their tents! They were all proud to say in the morning that they survived our Survival Challenge!

Thank you to all the parents who offered transport for this trip!