Squirrel Class' Wondercrump Trip!

4th November 2016
On Friday 4th November, Squirrel Class went on a Wondercrump trip to Cardiff to learn more about Roald Dahl!
They began the day at the National Museum, visiting an exhibition of Quentin Blake's original works for many of Dahl's books including Matilda, The Twits and Danny, Champion of the World. The children were awestruck seeing his work up close and enjoyed using their artistic skills to recreate his drawings.
The class then moved on to the Millennium Centre, where they took part in a 'gobblefunk' workshop, making up some wonderful new words and their definitions; staff leading the workshop couldn't believe our children's extensive vocabulary and enthusiastic ideas!
Following this was the highlight of our trip- 'The Wondercrump World of Dahl' immersive exhibition which led us through rooms where we learned all about Roald Dahl's life and books. From the scene of his Libyan plane crash to Sophie's bedroom complete with dream jars, Matilda's library where we performed telekinesis to Mr Fox's forest where we found a giant peach!
The children shared their Roald Dahl knowledge and showed their enthusiasm throughout! What a great trip!