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Remote Learning

Information and Help linked to Remote Learning

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Where will I find Remote Learning work for my child?

You will need to visit your child's class page of the school website to view the remote learning.

During times when the school or class is closed, Teachers will upload work for your children every day (generally, this will be done the afternoon/evening before, if you would like to look at it ahead of time). Please support your children in accessing the activities, and in completing them if appropriate, although most activities have been designed by teachers to be completed independently.

As well as a Home Learning pack to explain what needs to be done, teachers will upload resources and explanation videos to support understanding.

We will be making sure that any words or methods that you might not be familiar with will be explained clearly, and that some tasks have answers for the children to mark independently. We use self-marking strategies in school as an effective learning tool - children learn by spotting and correcting their own mistakes. If however your child needs further guidance or more help from the teacher with any of these activities, please get in touch so that we can help.


How does my child submit work?

Teachers will clearly indicate in their Daily Learning Pack when a piece of work needs to be sent to the class teacher for feedback. Please send an email with a photograph of the completed work to the school office for the teacher. 


If you have any further queries or issues with the remote learning process, please do get in touch with your child's class teacher.

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