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Art Week 2022

Art Week 2022: Sustainable Art

Welcome to 2022! We are starting the New Year with a focus on recycled or sustainable art here at Andoversford. 


This year, Art Week has a sustainable theme. This means we will be using recycled materials or items that you find around the house to create our artwork. We are also using natural materials, with the help of OakeyBear, to create a permanent sculpture for the nature area. 


The whole school will also be completing projects linked to the work of William Morris, who used nature as inspiration for his works. Take a look at our virtual gallery below:

Ash Class would like to share their highlights of Art Week 2022 

In Ash Class, we have created floral paintings in the style of William Morris and used his love of nature to inspire our stained glass and collage butterflies. We have talked lots about how we can look after our world and the beautiful creatures within it and repurposed old objects such as CDs, boxes, wrapping paper and gift bags to create some beautiful art work to brighten up our classroom.

Oak Class’ Wonderful Artwork 

We have loved learning about William Morris this week and finished today by creating our own symmetrical wallpaper designs using chalk pastels. We took inspiration from nature just like William Morris. We also learned about willow sculptures in our sessions with Mr Oakey and created our own deer floor artwork using natural materials. Watch us work together to make it in the video below.

Beech Class 

Beech class have had a great week. We have used recycled materials to create collages of endangered animals, in the style of Megan Coyle. 

Beech class really enjoyed working with Chris Oakley to make the willow sculpture and a large scale collage with natural resources. 

Willow Class

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