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Hello Ash Class
I hope you are keeping safe and well at home. 
 Here is where I will post your Daily Learning Pack for you to complete at home every day. 
 Best wishes to you all
Ms Hood.
Friday 5th March
Happy Friday Printable - | Its friday quotes, Happy  friday quotes, Friday quotes funny
Number Sense
Today we are going to count forwards and backwards!

Count to 20-clap your hands

Count again- tap your knees!

Now count slowly back from 20 to zero

Get your grown ups at home to join in to!

  • Go outside an practise your counting: Take  20 giant steps forwards as you count to 20 (or beyond) then 20 little steps backwards as you count back!
  • Curl up in a ball like a tiny seed, count to 20 as you grow into a great big tree! Stretch out wide then count back as you curl back up again!
  • Count around the circle-How far can you go?
Master the Maths
Today you are going to be filling a matchbox or very small box! Watch here for more details How many fit inside?
Session 4 Measuring capacity-How many fit inside?
Find the follow up activity in the resources section.
Visit this site: Phonics Play
Once you have logged in using the details go to Dragon's Den and click on Phase 3, then choose OW.
Please practise tricky words here Tricky Words
Expressive Arts and Design
Keep working on those pom-poms!
Communication and Language
Spend time today sorting out your home learning pack, talk to a grown up about what should be in the pack and work together to tick off all the items!
See resources for list of contents of home learning pack.
You have two choices today! Choose one or both!
For Dance Session 7 see here Dance Session 7
For PE with Natalie see here PE with Natalie
Get even more active-why not go outside and play in the garden or go for a lovely walk!
Take some time today to talk to a grown-up about coming back to school next week; lots of information has been sent out about next week so why not spend some time talking about that. If you have got any questions about coming back to school next week then please let me know. 
Story Time
Rumble in the Jungle find it here Story Time
Have a great weekend everyone, I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!
Look at what we have been up to this week!
Thursday 4th March
It's World Book Day Card
World Book Day – Brownlow Integrated College
Take a look at the Ash Class World Book Day Menu 
You will find it in the resources section-There are some activities that Ms Hood would really like you to do please. Then choose the others from the menu!
Have a great day and don't forget to send in your videos and photos!
Ms Hood
We have been investigating 3d shapes in the environment. Take a look at the photos!
Wednesday 3rd March
Good Morning everyone!
Number Sense
Today we are going to be subitising with dice and then doing some quick fire addition using our subitising skills! Please find the video here Dice Subitising Game
Master the Maths  *Ms Hood would like to see*
We are continuing our work on capacity today, please find the link here Capacity
It is session three.
The follow up activity is in the resources section.
We are learning the sound today! Please find it here Our new sound oi
You will need you whiteboard, pen and rubber.
Power of Reading
Find out what happens as Reginald Rake continues to show off!  The Scarecrows' Wedding
Wicked Writing  *Ms Hood would like to see*
Today we are practising our letter formation, we are looking at bubble letters today.
Please find it here Bubbles
If you have any bubbles to blow you could do that afterwards!
Please write in your yellow books, be careful to sit the letters on the line and keep then inside the lines. 
Understanding the World
Reginald Rake has caused a few problems on the farm today. Take a look at the power point presentation in the resources section about what fire fighters do and then watch this short video to find out more  How do fire fighters put out fires?
Today we are going to learn something new! If you would like to learn how to make a loaf of bread watch Miss DB here (She loves baking!)  Miss DB bakes a loaf
Have a go yourself! If not why not help cook a meal at home and enjoy it with your family!
Story Time
Please find today's story here  Man on the Moon
Read today by Ms Hood.
Look at some of the other brilliant things we have been doing!
Tuesday 2nd March
Looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom call at 09.30!
How are your Pom Poms coming along?
Number Sense
Today we are playing a missing number game and using our Numicon to make 11 using only 2 pieces. Please find the session here Numicon making 11
Today we are learning a new sound! Please find it here New sound ow
You will need your whiteboard, pen and rubber.
Power of Reading
Please find today's episode of our story here The Scarecrows' Wedding
Harry O Hay carries on his journey to find water whilst Betty O Barley gets a bit of a surprise!
Wicked Writing
Today we are going to think about how Betty O Barley is feeling when Harry is away on his adventure to find flowers. Think about how she feels when she meets our new character in the story! What words could you use to describe how Betty feels? Please find her picture in the resources section or draw your own picture and write the words you choose around her. Don't forget to keep on adding words that you think of to Harry O Hay! 
Today our PE session is all about balancing. Please find it here EY Balance
We have completed our active part of our 5 ways to wellbeing today now relax with this great yoga session. Please find it here Spaceship to the Moon
Story Time
Please find it here Oi Frog!
Listen for the rhyming words in this story! Enjoy!
Monday 1st March
Happy Monday — imamideju on Scorum
Number Sense
We are beginning our in depth look at 11 today. Please have 11 counters in a pot ready (Grown ups-please have them ready so the children don't count them out); your tens frame and your number track. Don't worry if you don't have the number track you can follow along with me.
Please find the video here  All about 11
Master the Maths
Today we are going t be investigating the vocabulary full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. You will need some glasses or cups for the follow up activity which you can find in the resources section.
Please look here for the session Full and Empty
Go to session 2 please
Today we are going to learn a new sound, please follow along here ur sound
You will need a whiteboard, a pen and your whiteboard rubber.

Have a go at page 24 and 25 in Phonics Book 4

Power of Reading
We are continuing with our story today, please listen carefully for rhyming words in the story today. Find our next instalment here The Scarecrows' Wedding
Wicked Writing  *Ms Hood would like to see please*
Today we are going to be making groups of rhyming words called rhyming strings. Look at the picture in the resources called 'Spot the rhyme'. Write the rhyming pairs in groups and then see if you can think of any more words that rhyme!
Understanding the World
Can you remember in our story the snail helps Harry O Hay-What do you know about snails?
Have you ever seen a snail? What does it look like? Where did you see it? How does it move?
Find out a little more about snails here Snails
PSHE     *Ms Hood would like to see you moving like a snail!*
 Be Active Listen to this radio show all about snails, carry out the movements during the programme! 
Find it here Snail Playtime
Go to the BBC Teach page and download the MP3 recording-Have fun!
Expressive Arts and Design
This week's project is pom-pom making! This is a fabulous fine motor activity and the pom poms look amazing! Please find the instructions and template in the resources section. You can always make your own template! I would love to have the pom poms in our class when we come back to school.
Story Time
Today we are going to hear the ur sound lots of time in this story! See if you can spot it!
Please find it here The Enormous Turnip
Or hear more of The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark here  Miss DB Story time