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Hello Ash Class
I hope you are keeping safe and well at home. 
 Here is where I will post your Daily Learning Pack for you to complete at home every day. 
 It is important that you have a go at the activities.
Best wishes to you all
Ms Hood.
Hi Ash Class!
A fabulous week everyone! I am so impressed by the activities you are completing! Make sure you have a lovely weekend!
Enjoy your weekend | Toluna
 Friday 15th January
Good Morning!
Today you will find today's home learning attached in the resources section. All of the links can be clicked on and should take you to the correct place. All other resources for today will be in the resources section too.
Have a lovely day!
Thursday 14th January 
Number Sense Ms Hood would like to see
Please find today's number sense here Ways to make 8
You will need your tens frame and 8 counters in a container. You may wish to record your ideas so you will need your whiteboard and pen. We are continuing our work on number 8 and making it in different ways using our counters. Remember use your brilliant noticing skills to say what you can see.
Master the Maths
Please find our maths activity for today here All about triangles
You will need three strips of paper ideally or straws/sticks or pipe cleaners of similar length. Today we will be investigating triangles and thinking about some of their properties. Don't forget to send me your photos!
Please find part 1 here Skip through your sounds
We are going over our sounds.
Please find part 2 here Tricky words
We are practising tricky words today from phase 2 and phase 3. You will need your whiteboard, your pen and your rubber.
Power of Reading
Please find today's part of the story here Maisy Mouse
You may need headphones to listen or turn up the volume!
Wicked Writing Ms Hood would like to see
Follow on from our reading activity today can you think of a present that Maisy would love? Do you think she might like a toy dinosaur, a toy car, some new clothes or a book to read?  Can you draw it and write about it in your books please. Think of your sentence first, say it to yourself and then think about the sounds you will need. You may need to use your sound mat and tricky word cards. Please use a pencil to write with and be careful with that letter formation! 
Technology/online safety
Please have a look here Jessie and Friends
Can you take a look at home learning activity pack 1. Once you have watched the video can you draw your own dog?
Can you make some smile stones?
Smile Stones are pebbles or stones that are big enough to decorate with pictures or kind words then left back in the area from where they were originally found ready to be discovered by others. Giving kindness is one of 5 identified ways to promoting wellbeing. Anonymous acts of kindness like this are great for helping us feel good. You may find some stones in the garden, you could use paint or a sharpie to draw on them.
Please see the resource below for other well being activities you can try at home.
Story Time
You will find a story here  I want a monkey
Listen to all of the rhyming words. Can you think of any pets you could make some rhymes about?
Have a lovely day!
Wednesday 13th January
Good Morning everyone. Please find today's activities below. Please could you encourage your child to have a go at all of the activities throughout the day; it is really important that they also have opportunities to play and initiate some of their own activities.
Number Sense
Please find today's activity here Number Sense
We are continuing with our subitising; for this activity you will need your counters (8 should be enough); your whiteboard and your pen. Today you will copy Ms Hood's patterns with counters and notice what you can see. Then we will practise the formation of the numeral 8.
Master the Maths
Today we are continuing our work on shapes. Please could you complete page 31 of your maths workbook. Remember all of the work you did on triangles and circles yesterday, this will help you with today's activity.
Please find today's phonics lesson here Letters and Sounds th
You will need your whiteboard and pen to write some captions. Please cold you write Thick and thin and then write Go to the shop. You may need to use your tricky word cards and your sound mats.
Power of Reading
Please find today's lesson here An exciting day
We are continuing our work on our new book. I wonder what will happen today!
Wicked Writing
Today we are practising forming the letters c, a, o, d and g. Find today's lesson here Letter Formation
I sent home some letter formation activities in your packs, please take a look at these and practise the letters we have been doing today. I have attached copies in the resource section.
Understanding the World-People and Communities/ Expressive Arts and Design
Today we are thinking about how birthdays are celebrated around the world. Please watch the power point which can be found in the resource section.
Can you design your own flag that you would love to hang up on your birthday? What shape will it be? What will you use to make it? Maybe you could use some of the bits and bobs in your creative pack. How will you decorate it?
Today we are continuing to think about the 5 ways to well being. Today I want you to take notice of nature around you. Can you collect 10 interesting things? I wonder what you will find. Make sure you stop and look carefully, use your ears to listen, your nose to smell and hands to feel your objects.
Please find story time here
Tuesday 12th January
Please find today's activities below. I am looking forward to catching up with you all today. Please remember that in EYFS we do little inputs throughout the day and in between times the children play and do their own independent learning. 
Number Sense  * Ms Hood would like to see/hear about this went
Please find the video here Making 8 in different ways
You will need your Numicon pieces, a whiteboard, a pen for the whiteboard and your rubber. Today we are going to be looking at how to make in lots of different ways using the shapes.
Master the Maths
Wow I have seen some amazing work on shapes yesterday! Please find todays activity here Circles andTriangles 
It will be week 3 session 1. There is an activity below to look at afterwards; this can be done on screen it does not need to be printed off.
There are 2 videos today so you may want to leave some time in between watching them.
Part 1 is here Phonics 1
You will need your whiteboard pen and rubber.
Part 2 is here Phonics 2
You will need a whiteboard and pen or pencil and paper.
Follow up activities Page 34 and 35 of Phonics Book 3.
Power of Reading
Todays activity is in the resource box. There is an invitation to a party-please do not tell the children this straight away; I have attached a discussion sheet to go with the invitation.
Wicked Writing * Ms Hood would like to see this
Can you write a reply to Maisy? Maybe you could decorate your page with some party bunting! 
To see an example of reply have a look at the video here Example of reply to invitation
Today's activity is one of the ways the children can maintain their well being through keeping active.
You can find the activities here Everything is awesome
Click on the Everything is awesome video when you get to the page!
Outdoor Learning/Understanding the World/Expressive Arts and Design
Have a look at these recycling activities Upcycling for nature
Today's story can be found here Story Time
Have a great day everyone!
Ms Hood
Monday 11th January 
I hope you all had a good weekend. Please find today's activities below
Number Sense 
You will find the video here All about 8
The children will need their tens frame and 8 counters in a container today. We are focussing on the number 8.
Master the Maths I would love to hear how you got on
Today's activity is investigating the properties of everyday objects. Please download the photo pack of buildings and the information sheet. There is also a shape activity, scissors and glue will be needed.
You will find today's sound here Today's sound is...
Please complete pages 30 and 31 Phonics Practise Book 3 (In your remote learning pack).
Power of Reading
Please find the video here
Wicked Write  * Ms Hood would like to see
Please draw a picture and tell me about your weekend. Did you go outside in the garden or go for a walk?
Don't forget to use the sound mats and tricky word sheets. If you are not sure what the letters look like you could always look at Percy Pencil at the bottom of this page. Try to sit your letters on the line and don't make them too big!
PSHE/Physical Development
Some yoga activities are here Space Breathing
Fine Motor Activities
Please find the activities attached to the resource section.
Story Time 
Please find today's story here Come and listen to a story.