Autumn Term 2018

At Andoversford we are a busy team of pupils, staff and parents. There is always something going on! 
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ASPIRE Day: Mindfulness
As a school we are all working towards creating happy, healthy and successful citizens in all aspects of life. On Friday October 5th, we held our first ASPIRE Day with a focus on Mindfulness techniques. Instead of working in their classes the children spent the morning with their house team to complete a variety of workshops with each of the teachers in school. 
We worked on relaxation techniques through yoga, using a Cosmic Kids programme and the Star Wars stories. It was great fun - and a brilliant way to get in touch with our bodies. We also heard the story of the Angry Octopus, who helped us learn some meditation techniques, including mindful colouring. To help us focus on breathing techniques, we made some pinwheels. Finally after learning about how our emotions can sometimes cloud our judgement, we made glitter jars to show that when we take time out we can think more clearly.
A great day was had by all!