Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class! We are Year 3 and Year 4. Our teacher is Miss Thomas.
This term, our theme is 'Frozen Kingdom'. We are learning all about the Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctic) and its fascinating landscape, wildlife and history of Polar Exploration. 
Have a look below at some of the exciting work we have been doing this term, as well as an overview of all we will be learning this term.
Check out our Frozen Kingdom classroom!
Have a look at our beautiful theme book front covers. We created them using watercolour gradients to look like beautiful polar skies.
We received an exciting package from Polar Explorer Ann Bancroft. She was the first woman to reach both the North and South Pole! Her package contained a letter, a beautiful picture book of her adventures and lots of posters, postcards and stickers. We are currently writing her letters to say thank you and to ask some questions about the Polar Regions. You can find out more about her here on her website.
We have been writing her letters to find out more about Polar Exploration!
We have really loved our homework challenges this term- especially the task to create an igloo!
Here are some useful resources for parents to support learning at home.