Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class! We are Year 3 and Year 4. Our teachers are Mrs Clarke and Miss Thomas.
This term, our theme is 'Walk Like an Egyptian'. We are learning all about life in Ancient Egypt!  
Have a look below at some of the exciting work we have been doing this term, as well as an overview of all we will be learning this term.
We have had a visitor in class- a Pharaoh who needed to be mummified! We learned all about the Mummification procedure, and then carefully carried out the process. Now we are such experts, we will be able to write an information text all about it!
Here is our homework grid for this term.
Look at the incredible effort that we have already put into our homework!
On Thursday 14th November, we visited the Bristol Art Gallery and Museum. We loved looking around the museum, especially the Egyptian section where we saw a real mummified body! The children really impressed the museum staff with their behaviour, and blew away the member of staff who ran our Egyptian workshop with all of their incredible Egyptian knowledge! They loved handling the artefacts, and learning all about the incredible life of Egyptologist Amelia Edwards.