Beech Class Remote Learning

Hello Beech Class!
Below, you will find your Remote Learning tasks- I will upload these every day for you.
Your Daily Learning Pack will tell you everything that you need to know about these tasks! You will also find all the resources that you need, including instruction videos, on this page too. 
It is important that you complete all of the learning, just like you would in school- I've included a checklist on the Daily Learning Pack to help you keep track! Any tasks with a star next to them should be sent to me via the VLE- as well as anything else that you've been up to which you'd like to share! You can learn how to do this yourselves, you don't need an adult to do it for you.
I can't wait to see all of the wonderful work that you do at home! If you have any problems, please let me know using the VLE, or ask an adult to email the school office.
Miss Thomas
Check out some of the amazing home learning from the past few weeks in the 'Hall of Fame' on our Beech Class page!
Friday 5th March
Final day of remote learning!

Beech Class,

      We made it! Eight weeks of remote learning, and you have all been absolute superstars. I am so incredibly proud of you all- and not just because you have been working so hard. I know that it has been an incredibly tricky and strange time, and you have all handled it brilliantly and shown such a lot of resilience and perseverance.

Parents, you are absolute superstars as well! Thankyou all for your support and the amazing work you’ve done with your children at home.

I’m so excited for you all being back at school, and I look forward to seeing you soon!                                                                                                                                                                Miss Thomas

PSHCE- You must do this one!- 30 mins

Prepare yourself for returning to school using the checklist to make sure that you (not your parents- you are old enough to organise yourself!) have collected everything together that you will need.

Also, read through my answers to the questions that you all asked earlier in the week.

* Writing- 60 mins

Today, if you haven’t already, I would like you to finish your marvellous medicine. You’ve all done the introduction and equipment, but a lot of you still need to complete the method and final tip (look at my WAGOLL for help).

If you have finished, please check your work through (not using purple pen, though, so we can put it on display)- especially for capital letters! Then, please decorate your front cover and assemble your writing into a booklet!

Number Sense- 20 mins

Last week, we used our workout books to complete as many addition and subtraction questions as you can in the given time. Today, I’d like you to complete any of the pages which you didn’t manage during this time.

Workout book



Year Three

Pg 8- 10

Pg 11-13

Year Four

Pg 6- 8

Pg 9-11

* Reading-  60 mins

You have two choices today. You can either write a book review of The Matilda Effect, to share what you thought of it. Or, you can write an email to the author Ellie Irving!

If you are going to write an email, I would like you to really take your time- you’re writing to an amazing author after all! Check your punctuation carefully and make sure you’re really polite in your message (write it as you would a letter). You could write about:

  •   What you thought of the book e.g. how much you enjoyed the book- maybe you might mention a favourite part or character
  •   Any questions that you have for her about the book, the characters or being an author
  •   If the book inspired you or taught you anything

Her email address is Ask an adult to send it for you, or send it to me and I’ll forward it on. Perhaps you’ll even get a reply!

Independent Reading- 20 mins         
Read your book independently, or to an adult.
Be Active: TEAM- 20 mins
A fun final Just Dance!

If you have completed the above tasks, or have any extra time, you can do any finishing off, or choose from these extra activities!



Make a bird feeder by threading raisins small cubes of cheese and a piece of apple onto wire or string.

Design your own board game.

Start by drawing a grid on paper. Play it with your family!

Draw a map of an imaginary island. Give it a name and add features such as towns, mountains, rivers, seas or forests


Make your own Joe Wicks style fitness workout with at least 5 moves. Teach it to someone else.

Carry out a nature survey walk. Note down how many different types of birds, flowers or insects you see!

Make your own indoor assault course and challenge everyone in your home to try it!


Learn how to juggle three balls or pairs of socks. Make sure you record a video of your attempt!

Learn how to count to 10 in another language off by heart.

Play ‘who am I?’. Get someone to describe an object to you- see if you can guess what it is.




Thursday 4th March

Today is World Book Day, so you have lots of lovely book-based activities to take part in! Pick as many of these as you'd like to do throughout the day (at least three). I'd love to see any pictures or work you've completed!


Don't forget to let me know how many minutes you have been reading for over the course of the Readathon- let me know by the end of the day to be in with a chance of winning a prize!


There are plenty of fun online sessions going on today with some fantastic authors- I've put links to these below.


Make sure you also listen to the final chapter of The Matilda Effect!

Wednesday 3rd March

Number Sense- 20 mins                      

A final push to raise our points total on the Times Table Rockstars competition. You’ll all be such times table experts by the time we’re back in school!

Maths- 40 mins       

Watch today’s video to focus on how to draw shapes with a given area. It’s really important that you use your times tables to help you with these! (Looking back at your times table towers might help you with these).

Then, have a go at the area and perimeter challenge that I’ve set you to work on these skills!


* Writing- 60 mins                      

Today, we’ll be carrying on with writing our marvellous medicine methods, and then we’ll think of a final warning or top tip for anyone who is going to make the medicine.

Continue to write your sentences on your whiteboards first to check and improve them before writing them up in neat. Look at my WAGOLL to help you and don’t forget to use accurate punctuation.

You might like to use the ‘Build a sentence’ method from yesterday to help you. Keep up that brilliant high quality writing!

Handwriting- 20 mins                  

Copy one of the poems up in your neatest joined up handwriting!   

Independent Reading- 20 mins         

Read your book independently, or to an adult.

* Science- 60 mins


We’ve managed to fit in so much Science work this term!

We have looked at:

  •   Forces including friction
  •   Magnetism
  •   Your own Science project at home!


I would like you to make a poster about either magnetism or forces to share the most important facts that you learned. Try and include key words and diagrams. You can look back in your books to help you remember. The best ones will be displayed in the classroom when we return! Look at the examples to help. You can do these by hand or on the computer!

Be Active: TEAM- 20 mins         

Join in with today’s Cosmic Kids mindfulness yoga!

Tuesday 2nd March

Number Sense- 20 mins

Watch the video to complete today’s times table test.

We’ve finished our x6 table! For next week, work on practising any of the facts you’re not yet sure of as when we return to school, we'll test the x3, x4 and x6 tables (both multiplication and division facts).

Maths- 40 mins

Watch my video to find out more about finding the area of rectangles by both counting squares or by multiplying.

Then have a go at the area activities, including finding the area of your name.

Don’t forget that when we write the area of a shape, we need to use either mm², cm² or m²!

* Writing- 60 mins                     

Today, we’ll be beginning with a subordinating conjunctions activity. Watch the video to find out more about this.               

Then, we’ll be starting to write our method by building up our sentences carefully- we’re going to concentrate on the quality of our sentences, not the quantity! You’ll finish by writing these up in neat.            

Spelling- 20 mins                   

Pick 10 of the words that you’re still not sure about spelling from the tricky words list. Practise them using a method from the spelling menu   


* Reading- 60 mins

Read and/or listen to Chapters 29, 30, 31 and 32 of The Matilda Effect (they’re all quite short chapters).


Answer the comprehension questions about these chapters. Remember to answer in as much detail as you can, and use PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) where I’ve asked you to.


We’re nearly at the end of the book- one more chapter to go! Tune in on World Book Day (Thursday) to join me with reading the final chapter!


Reading- 20 mins                               

Read your own book independently or to an adult.                    

TEAM- 20 mins                               

Join in with the balancing challenge!              

Monday 1st March
Don't forget our final Zoom session at 10am!

Number Sense- 30 mins

This afternoon (after 1pm), try some more TT Rockstars challenges to increase our score in the Gloucestershire Championships- Beech Class currently have over 7,000 points! You’re doing brilliantly!     

PSHCE- 40 mins

Join our weekly Zoom session today at 10am.

Don’t forget to come along ready to share your funny or happy memories from lockdown!

Reading- 60 mins

Read/ listen to Chapters 26, 27 and 28.

Have a go at my discussion questions, then write a prediction about how you think the book will end. Write at least a paragraph- especially think about what will happen to each of each of the characters!

Reading- 20 mins

Read your own book independently or to an adult.               


* Spelling- 20 mins

Watch the video of the Spelling Test to show how well you can spell words with contractions. Don't forget those apostrophes!

* PSHCE- 60 mins 

This time next week, you will be back in school!


It’s really normal to feel all kinds of things right now- both excited about seeing your friends and worried about what it will be like, for example.

This is your chance to share how you’re feeling- use the attached page to record this down. If you haven’t got a printer, you can just record down your ideas and feelings under each of the headings.


I hope to answer lots of your questions during today’s Zoom, but if you think of any questions about going back to school that you think of at any point this week, please send me a message and I’ll do my best to answer it!

Be Active:                      

Go Noodle- Join in with some more of our favourites!