Curriculum & Assessment

We deliver The National Curriculum criteria through a thematic approach, enabling children to experience contextual learning in their lessons.
Reading: Reading schemes are a combination of Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn and Pearson books.
Phonics is mainly taught through Letters and Sounds with adaptations of Jolly Phonics.
Children are now assessed against their year groups 'Age Related Expectations' or ARE as it is more commonly known in education. These ARE are for children to achieve at the end of the academic year.
When it comes to assessing children's level of understanding against ARE criteria, Andoversford Primary School has adopted the banding system.
Every term the class teachers assess the children against ARE criteria for that term e.g. so a child in Yr3 will only be assessed against Yr3 ARE criteria.  Teachers track the children's achievements by inputting the assessment data into an electronic tracker.  This tracker then stores the information and compares the assessments termly against the ARE criteria for that year group. 
In order to get a sense of how each child is achieving against the ARE for their year group, the teachers use the following banding system:
Children who have demonstrated some criteria at ARE but are not fully secure in their understanding, will be judged as either 'Emerging' or 'Developing' in that criteria. 

Emerging - Below expected age related expectation. Demonstrating and achieving some criteria.

Developing - Below expected age related expectation. Demonstrating and achieving more criteria but not secure.

The majority of children should be demonstrating a secure knowledge of their ARE at the end of the academic year, and therefore are judged at'Expected'

Expected - Age Related Expectation for that academic year. Secure knowledge and achievement against year group criteria.

Some children will demonstrate a greater level of understanding across the ARE criteria and therefore will be judged at either 'Advancing' or 'Mastery'.  If a child is demonstrating a deeper level and applying that deep level in different contexts then that child will be judged at Mastery.

Advancing - A breadth of knowledge and achievement against the expected criteria.

Mastery - A deepening and breadth of knowledge and achievement against the expected criteria. Applying this deep level of understanding within different contexts.