Outdoor Learning

Forest School at Andoversford Primary School 
In 2019, our Forest School sessions were generously supported by the WPA Benevolent Foundation. Their donation enabled us to fund the additional staff required to run a range of exciting outdoor activities. Thank you!
WB 13.5.19 This term Oak Class are focusing on simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school grounds. They have looked at different types of maps including local ordnance survey, walking route maps and hand drawn sketch maps. 

The children learnt some new geographical vocabulary including:

  •   Aerial view (Bird’s eye view)
  •   Compass
  •   Compass rose
  •   Sketch map
  •   Key

They looked at some examples of simple sketch maps and the features that would need to be included.

Once outside, the children created sketch maps of the Forest School area in pairs.

The children in Oak Class had the opportunity to learn how to use a flint and steel today. They learnt how to light a single piece of cotton wool safely in base camp under the supervision of an adult. We talked about all the elements of fire safety in the woods and practiced the Forest School way of lighting a fire. The children showed fantastic perseverance with this task as it is most definitely not the easiest thing to grasp without practice! A fantastic morning!

12.2.19  Oak Class learnt about famous artist Andy Goldsworthy. They looked at pictures of his work and compared it to sculptures made from man- made materials. We then discussed creating our own land art using only natural objects from our Forest School area. The children collected their own natural materials and made some beautiful sculptures.

14.1.19 - KS1 explored using clay to create mini models of natural objects during their outdoor learning session today. The children sourced their own tools from around the nature area, working with partners or in small groups. There were some extremely impressive pieces of work!
8.1.19- KS1 created wild storyboards during their Forest School session. Many of the children chose to create their own stories and use natural materials to bring them to life.
Today Willow Class had the opportunity to learn how to light a fire safely. Using flint and steel the children were taught the correct way to light a piece of cotton wool in base camp. These skills build up the essential knowledge of how to start a fire safely under supervision of an adult. 
The children quickly discovered, that for most, this required a great deal of perseverance to achieve the end goal! However, we had a wonderful time trying and will continue to build these skills over future sessions.
Willow Class have been extremely interested in rejuvenating the pond in the nature area. The children carried out some research on what needed to be done to encourage wildlife back into this area and set to work dredging out lots of the muck that had built up. 
They intend to continue working on this area through the rest of Spring term during their Forest School sessions and hope to see some signs of life in the summer! 
Beech Class enjoyed learning how to square lash a log on to a tree to create a platform. It was sturdy enough to climb on top of and even held Mrs Clarke up! 
The children then spent the session continuing to build their 'seasonal flower saving society HQ!' using tarpaulins, ropes and logs. The end result was marvellous and the children felt extremely proud of what they managed to do during the session! 
28.1.19 - Willow Class spent their outdoor learning session creating some beautiful clay models of animals from the ocean. 
Some of the children also continued working on the new base camp and had a go at some tool work with Mrs Clarke.
21.1.19 - Some of the Willow Class children worked very hard at creating some beautiful forked stick weaving looms during our Forest School session. 
A few of the children had a go at whittling with a potato peeler, practicing on a willow branch to begin with. 
Willow Class spent several outdoor learning sessions creating these beautiful willow Christmas wreaths. They all enjoyed mastering the skills of weaving and look forward to making more stunning creations in the spring term!