Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Andoversford Primary School
At Andoversford Primary School we are always trying to increase awareness and improve the mental health of everyone in our community.
Have a look at some of the ideas and links below for ways to improve your wellbeing.
Check out the forest school page!
Mindfulness ASPIRE day
We had a day filled with activities to help us become more mindful.
Yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness jars and stories were all part of the peace and fun! 
Summer Term
How well do you sleep?
This term we have been focusing on the importance of sleep. KS2 have been thinking about ways that we can improve the quality of our sleep and improve our health.
Wellbeing Ambassadors
Congratulations to our Y5 children who completed their wellbeing ambassador training with Niki from the Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester. The children completed a questionnaire before the course and after. Results showed that 9/10 children maintained or improved their score, the most improved score being in 'I feel good about myself'. 
Here are a few comments made from Niki about our wonderful ambassadors:
"Olly gave his all in the sessions each week & listened well, got involved in all activities and did so with a positive attitude. Olly seemed to really capture the principles each week"
"Willsy has a wonderful personality and seems to really own who he is. Willsy can sometimes think from an abstract perspective and can come up with some really interesting answers to the programme content"
Genius Hour
Genius hour this year has really helped our mental health and has given us the feel good attitude. We signed up for activities that we wanted to do, mixing with children across the school to raise money for charities and take part in yoga. Other genius hour activities have included multiskills, forest school, philosophy, healthy eating and cooking and mindful art.