New Themes

8th January 2018

Blackbirds: ROARsome Dinosaurs!

Blackbird Class were excited to enter their classroom to find a dinosaur cave and a mysterious egg! They are keen to find out all about dinosaurs this term. They are eager to find out what the egg will turn into!


Starlings: Discovery Island

Starling Class have been taken to another world! They will be discovering fantasy worlds as well as exotic places in Oceania.


Badgers: Invaders

Badger Class have been invaded by a Viking Ship! This term they will be finding out all about Vikings and Saxons and how Britain’s invasion made us the country that we are today.


Squirrels: Andoversford @ 90

Squirrel Class has gone back in time to 1928 when Andoversford School was first built. This term they will be learning about how the school has changed over time comparing Andoversford to other places as well as organising our School’s 90th birthday celebration.