Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class!
We have been learning to sign along to the lyrics of 'What a Wonderful World'. We recorded the video below to share with you, we hope you enjoy it.
Recently we have been learning about what it means to be unique, we have discussed the similarities and differences between ourselves and others and celebrated these. We have found it fascinating to compare our home with the homes of people in Africa and we love the lyrics in this song.
African Safari
Our class topic this term is African Safari, we will be sharing our learning with you on here so that you can see what we have been up to!
Below is an end of term message from Oak Class!
Amazing Africa 
The photographs below show each of us presenting a different African country to the class, we spoke clearly and each answered any questions that our peers had for us. Examples of facts we found out are; 
* The climate 
* The population 
* Local foods and drinks 
* Animals 
* The size 
Did you know that there are more than 50 countries in Africa?
African Tribal Masks
We have put a lot of work into creating our very own paper mache tribal masks, we researched the history of the different tribes in Africa and the meaning behind the masks that they wear. The colours and patterns are very important and all symbolise something different. We thought very carefully about which colours and patterns we wanted to include when designing our masks. 
Power Of Reading
Anna Hibiscus 
We have been focusing on the stories of 'Anna Hibiscus' and her life in Africa, we have loved finding similarities and differences between her life and ours. We particularly enjoyed getting into character and pretending to be Anna, we wrote letters to different characters from the book as though we were her. It was fun to put ourselves into her shoes for a little while. 
In art we have created self portrait as well as portraits of Anna, our self portraits were created using oil pastels and our portraits of Anna were painted. 
Here are some photographs of our learning... 
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