Oak Class Remote Learning

Welcome to our Oak Class Remote Learning page!
I hope that you are all alright and keeping yourselves safe. 
On this page, you will find the learning to be completed each day. It is important that you complete all of the learning - just like you would if you were in school! When you need to write things down, please do so in your purple home learning book (or lined paper will do until you recieve it). Don't forget, I will still be looking for you to write the long date and take pride in your presentation. That includes lovely cursive handwriting, capital letters and full stops where you need them!
For some of your learning, you will be given the answers so you can purple pen on your own. There is some learning that you will need to send to me through the Messages tab on the VLE for some feedback - this will be signposted with
"Miss D-B wants to see!"
I can't wait to see what you get up to and I hope you enjoy our new topic Pond and Beyond. I am super excited about this topic and I think you will be too!
Monday 18th January 2021
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you are energised for this week!
Master the Maths:
You will need to grab your Maths Target Study and Question Book and a pencil for this lesson. Pop the short date on the top of the page you are working on.
Y1: Have a read of your Maths study book on page 14. If you find this tricky, this video may help: Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s tutorial - Year One on Vimeo Then complete the activities on page 15. Purple pen using the answers inside the book.
Y2: Start by watching this video Year 2 partition numbers in different ways - YouTube Have a read of your Maths study book on page 14. If you find this tricky, this video may help: Autumn Week 3 - Number: Place Value | White Rose Maths  Click on the video called 'Using a place value chart' and watch up until 5:20mins.  Then complete the activities on page 15. Purple pen using the answers inside the book.
Number Sense:
We are starting off this week by doing the same activity. You will need your 100 squares. Watch this video and join in: https://youtu.be/DYS304vHAMM 
Power of Reading: Miss D-B wants to see!
I can identify key vocabulary from the text.
Write today's long date and title Power of Reading in your books.
Rewatch the video of me retelling the story: https://youtu.be/HUn6KvkDP5o  
Then, in the middle of your page, write the words 'Key vocabulary' and draw a bubble around it with a coloured pencil. I want you to listen to the video again and write down the most important words from the text e.g egg, penguin, hatch. Send me a photo of your mindmaps.
Then see if you can tell a grown up what each of these words means.
Y1: Watch this video and join in with your phonics lesson https://youtu.be/HHsaf8XHVPk . You need a whiteboard and a whiteboard pen. 
Y2: Miss D-B wants to see!
We are starting with a spelling test of your spellings from last week. Pop the long date and the title Spelling test in your books. Find the document below called 18thJan_Spelling Test. After that, take a look at your new list for the week 18thJan_Spelling List Y2. Write them in your books three times and highlight the pattern you notice - what do they all have in common?
Wicked Writing: Miss D-B wants to see!
The time has come for us to start getting ready to write our final piece for this unit now that we have learnt all the skills we need. By the end of the week, you will have written me a letter about your home learning experience so far. But before we do that, we need to plan.
Write today's long date and the title Wicked Writing in your books. Take a look at the document called 18thJan_Writing Plan Example to see what I am expecting from you this lesson. Y1 - you only need to include Mon-Fri. Y2 - Please include what you did on the weekend. I have attached a template that you can use or draw in your books called 18thJan_Writing Plan. I would like you to send this over to me for some feedback before we move on to tomorrow's lesson. Can't wait to see them!
Geography - Write the long date and the title Geography in your book. Then have a look at the world map 18thJan_Geography World Map or have a look on Google Maps. What can you see? Can you find the United Kingdom?
The UK is made up of four parts: England (where we live) Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Can you see those on a map? 
Can you label the document 18thJan_Geography UK with the 4 different countries of the UK? You could even colour them with 4 different colours to make your labels clear.
Today we are going to look at ACTIVE from our 5 ways to wellbeing. Here is a link to some of our favourite TEAM activities: 
Add this idea to your poster from last week on the ACTIVE mini mindmap.
Go on a shape hunt! How many different 2D and 3D shapes can you find in one room?
Friday 15th January 2021
Master the Maths: Miss D-B wants to see!
We are going to practice some areas of Maths that we already know today. You will need your White Maths Workout books and a pencil for this.
Complete pages 1 and 2. The answers at the back at the book to purple pen afterwards. Send me a picture to see how you got on.
Number Sense:
Y1: Have another watch of the video from Monday and practice counting to 100 and back outloud: https://youtu.be/Y8nycOc5V8M
Y2: In your purple books, write today's short date 15.01.21 and the title Number Sense. Write down all of the odd numbers to 30. Then all of the even numbers to 30. It might look like this in your book:
Odd numbers to 30: 1, 3, 5....
Even numbers to 30: 0, 2, 4....
Power of Reading:
Watch the video here for our storytime for today: https://youtu.be/uDxGHEeZGhk
Reading Recommendation:
One of my favourites! Listen to There's an ouch in my pouch! here'There's an Ouch in my Pouch' - Written by Jeanne Willis - YouTube
Spellings/Phonics: Miss D-B wants to see!
Y1: You will need to grab your white and blue book that says Phonics Buster on the front. Give the activities from page 1 and 2 a go. Use the answers at the back to purple pen. Then send me a picture on the VLE!
Y2: Grab your spelling list from the start of the week and a red and blue coloured pencil. Then write today's long date and the title Spelling in your purple book. You are going to do an activity called Vowels Red Consonants blue. You are going to write out each word from your spelling book, but when you write a vowel (a,e,i,o or u) you write it in red pencil, and when you write a consonant you write in blue
Like this:    snail       listen
Wicked Writing: Miss D-B wants to see!
Write today's long date and title Wicked Writing under your last piece of learning. Then join in with this Supermovers video: KS1 Maths: Chronological Order with Bluebell the Cow - BBC Teach
Our focus for today is writing in chronological order. That means writing things in the order that they happen. Can you write me a little summary of your week with a sentence or two about what you did each day.
Here is my example of how you could start:
On Monday, I started my home learning and I really enjoyed the writing activity. I also made some pasta for lunch which was super tasty.
The next day, I went for a walk with my mum as part of my exercise. My favourite home learning activity was Number Sense because I liked the challenge.
On Wednesday, I....
PE: Here is a PE lesson from MoveMore. I hope you enjoy! Move More Dance KS 1 - Lesson 1 - YouTube
Music: Listen along to this video and join in where you can: The Woodland (Part 1) (thenational.academy)
A song with a brilliant message for you all to listen to: Bounce Back - Students read, sing and learn t... - ClickView
See if you can draw your favourite animal whilst blindfolded! See what you create!
Have a lovely weekend Oak Class - take care!
Thursday 14th January 2021
It was wonderful to see so many of your lovely faces on Zoom yesterday - I hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.
Master the Maths:
You will need to grab your Maths Target Study and Question Book and a pencil for this lesson. Pop the short date on the top of the page you are working on.
Take a look at page 12 of your Blue study book. Then complete page 13 in your workbook. You can purple pen using the answer booklet.
Y2: Watch the video from this page: What is a number line? - BBC Bitesize You can even have a go at the little quiz. Have a read of page 12 of your Green study book and then complete the activities on page 13. Purple pen using the answer booklet.
Number Sense:
Y1: Grab your 100 grid from your pouch. Ask a grown up to cover a square with out you seeing (this could be with a counter/button/pen lid) and you must say what the missing number is. Try this with 10 different numbers.
Y2: Have a look at the PowerPoint below called 14thJan_Number Sense Y2. When you see a number displayed on the screen, say 'odd' if it is odd or 'even' if it is even. Remember, odd numbers end in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 and even numbers end in 2, 4, 6, 8, or 0.
Power of Reading: Miss D-B wants to see!
Write the long date and the title Power of Reading in your purple books. Have another listen to the video from yesterday's lesson of me reading The Emperor's Egg. Then, write down what you think are the three most important facts from the text. Send me a photo on the VLE.
Reading recommendation:
A lovely bedtime read for you all to read with a grown up or give it a go on your own: Goodnight, Sleep Tight (oxfordowl.co.uk)
Test yourself on all of the words on the document called 14thJan_Phase 2 to 5 Tricky Words. Use post-it notes to write down the words you find challenging and post them around the house (ask a parent's permission first please) to help you remember them.
Wicked Writing: Miss D-B wants to see!
In your purple books, write today's long date and title Wicked Writing. Karim and Hacker have a video here for you to watch all about the different verb tenses: KS1 English: Verb Tenses with Karim and Hacker - BBC Teach
Then using the document called 14thJan_Writing Past Tense, match the verbs in present tense to the equivalent verb in past tense. Then, Y1 please use one of the past tense verbs to write one sentence. Y2s, please write two sentences using two different verbs in past tense.
Topic: Miss D-B wants to see!
Geography - Watch the video linked here: Where Am I? - Geographical concepts such as m... - ClickView Then, record yourselves answering the three following questions:
  • What is a map?
  • What is a compass?
  • If you were lost and you could only pick a map or a compass to help you, which would you choose?
Today, we are looking at CONNECT for one of our 5 ways of wellbeing. I would like you to write a letter/card/message to someone that you haven't spoken to in a while. Just think, this could really put a smile on someone's face! 
Add this idea of CONNECTing to your poster from Tuesday.
If you fancy an extra bit of challenge, why not give this a go: Challenge Card 2 - Basketball - YouTube
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Don't forget our Zoom Catch Up at 09:30. Your parents have been sent the link on their emails.
Master the Maths: 
You will need to grab your Maths Target Study and Question Book and a pencil for this lesson.
Y1: Take a look at page 10 of your Blue study book. Hopefully you feel quite confident counting to 100 as we've looked at it a lot in our Number Sense lessons. Then complete page 11 in your workbook. You can purple pen using the answer booklet.
Y2: Have a read of page 10 of your Green study book and then watch this video from me: https://youtu.be/vlLuXjS_QbY 
Number Sense:
I would like you to practice your number bonds today for your Number Sense activity. You can either have a few games on your Numbots account (login inside your purple book) or you can have a go on Hit the Button making number bonds to 10 if you are Year 1, or 20 if you are Year 2.
Power of Reading: Miss D-B wants to see!
Write today's long date and the title Power of Reading under your last piece of learning. Watch the video for our lesson here: https://youtu.be/HUn6KvkDP5o 
Then I'd like you to give the document 13thJan_Reading Tell Me Grid a go. If you can't print it out, you can draw a grid in your books with the headings Likes, Dislikes, Puzzles/Connections and Questions. Send me a picture on the VLE.
Reading recommendation:
Take another listen to the video of me reading the book The Emperor's Egg.
Y1: Use the powerpoint called 13thJan_Phonics Sounds to quickly recap your spellings so far. Then, watch the video to see which 'ow' sound to use https://youtu.be/LAqJhW_S2oQ
Y2: Complete the second page of the spelling activity sheet for a-e, ai and ay (page 5). You did the first page yesterday. You can then purple pen using the document called 13thJan_Spelling Answers. You do need to send one of the tasks to me on the VLE.
Wicked Writing: Miss D-B wants to see!
Inside your purple reading book, you had some pages of activities. Inside of these, you will find a handwriting practice sheet. I would like you to start by practicing each letter of the alphabet on your whiteboard in beautiful cursive handwriting - this video may help Cursive Handwriting - How to Write the Alphabet - With Instructions - YouTube 
Then, using the handwriting sheets in your pack, practice writing the that not look. Send me a photo for some feedback. 
Computing - You will need a grown up to do this with you, or even your whole family. Have a read of the document called 13thJan_Computing Viewing Videos Online and talk through the conversation starters. Then have a watch this video Top tips for seeing something scary or upsetting online - Own It - BBC What is one thing you will remember from this video?
Then select a Fun Family Task of your choice!
Staying active is super important during these times. Why not check this out: KIDZ BOP Kids - KIDZ BOP Shuffle (Dance Along) - YouTube
Our PSHCE activity today is something you have already done! One of the five ways to wellbeing is CONNECT and we did that on Zoom!
Write all of the letters of the alphabet down the left handside of your page. Write a word that starts with each of the letters. How many of them can you remember in order?