Parents' Comments

What's Working Well at School?

 School clubs Teaching   Behaviour    New logo    Safety  Friendly   Parent workshops
             Informative newsletters  Text messaging  
Info sharing with parents  
Good feedback - newsletters 
  Fab Headteacher/Excellent Leadership 
Governors    Attentive staff    Discipline 
Good interaction between ages 
Small classes   Involving all children
Outside teaching time     Happy Children  Involvement of parents
Community involvement     Progress of children/standards
  Developing a rounded child  Pastoral care  Class structure
Commitment from teachers    Community feel 
Outdoor learning  Confidence building  
Focus on individual children/1:1   Interesting topics
Enjoyment of school    Forward looking 
Range of opportunities/activities for Children                             
Homework levels fair     staff approachable and helpful

(Comments compiled from a Governor's survey 2014)