Parents' Comments

Parent Survey
We are currently collecting the views of our school community. At Andoversford we value the thoughts and opinions of the wider school community. Collecting information from parents helps us to develop and improve. Please click on the link below to have your say.
The survey for October 2018 has now closed. Results coming soon...
What's Working Well at School?

 School clubs Teaching   Behaviour    New logo    Safety  Friendly   Parent workshops
             Informative newsletters  Text messaging  
Info sharing with parents  
Good feedback - newsletters 
  Fab Headteacher/Excellent Leadership 
Governors    Attentive staff    Discipline 
Good interaction between ages 
Small classes   Involving all children
Outside teaching time     Happy Children  Involvement of parents
Community involvement     Progress of children/standards
  Developing a rounded child  Pastoral care  Class structure
Commitment from teachers    Community feel 
Outdoor learning  Confidence building  
Focus on individual children/1:1   Interesting topics
Enjoyment of school    Forward looking 
Range of opportunities/activities for Children                             
Homework levels fair     staff approachable and helpful

(Comments compiled from a Governor's survey 2014)