PGL Residential

This is our PGL residential page so that you can keep up-to-date with the amazing activities we'll be taking part in whilst we're away at Beam House Adventure Centre in Devon. To find out more about the centre that we are visiting, including a virtual tour, please see website link below:
We will try to keep this page regularly updated throughout the 3 days (Wi-fi dependent of course!) so watch this space...
Day One has been amazing!
We have had a great time with the activities - take a look at our pictures! Sch a fab start to our residential, with plenty of sunshine to enjoy being outside! We are off to have some dinner now! 
First Night Activity: Camp Fire!
We had a great time around the campfire. The instructors are full of energy and have been a great support to the children. We have also been learning a few new campfire songs.
So proud of everyone in this video! Fantastic perseverance and what an achievement, but just listen to the fantastic encouragement from the group! A great demonstration of the ASPIRE values in action. Good job Willow Class!
Highlights from Day Two:
The weather has remained glorious for the second day of activities, in fact it is a little too glorious... Lack of wind has meant a slight change to the planned activities, but as you can see no less enjoyment! This afternoon was spent on the beach where the children had a fantastic time - so did Miss Davis Butler! The class even wanted to act out adventures from their Power of Reading text - great learning attitudes. Well done Willow Class!
The entertainment for night two was a disco. Classic tunes were played and much fun was had by all!
Day Three
The weather is slightly cooler - which is great for today's activity! Willow Class are completing a coastal walk this morning. A fantastic way to spend our last morning before heading home this afternoon! 
Frequently Asked Questions
What time do we leave/arrive?
Children need to arrive in school at 8:00 on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. The coach will be leaving at 8:30 to arrive at the centre for lunchtime. parents are very welcome to stay and wave us off!
On Friday 24th May 2019, children will leave the centre after lunch and will arrive back at school at approximately 17:30. Miss Davis Butler will send a text once they are on the way to inform parents of traffic conditions.
Do we need a packed lunch?
Children need to bring a packed lunch for the first day. All other meals during the visit are provided by PGL. We recommend a snack and drink for the first day as it is a long journey. All children must bring a labelled water bottle which can be re-filled.
Can we wear jewellery?
Children can only wear a single pair of stud earrings. These should be able to be removed or covered for some activities. Some children may like to wear a watch, but they may be asked to remove it for some activities.
Can we bring deodorant?
No spray deodorants are permitted in PGL centres. Roll-on types are absolutely fine.
Can we bring sweets/money/phones/electrical items?
No. Sweets, drinks (other than water) and other food items are not permitted in children's rooms. Children do not need any money and must not bring electrical items. We do recommend a small teddy and books, travel games or similar for free periods.
What if my child has medical needs?
Your child will bring home a medical form for you to complete and return to the school so that we are aware of any additional needs. Any medicines that need to be administered must be handed to Mrs Bowers in the morning before leaving. Children with asthma will need to carry an inhaler at all times and will not be permitted to take part in any activities without it.
What to Bring
Take a look at the PGL Kit List to make sure that you have the correct clothing! We recommend plenty of comfortable clothing to be able to take part in the activities. Children will need to be able to pack and carry their own bag - it is useful for them to practise this at home before going away!
Children will also need to bring a sleeping bag (or duvet) and pillow.
It is a good idea to bring along a small teddy or cuddly toy. Travel games, books, magazines or playing cards can also be really useful for periods of free. time. Remember no electronic items are allowed.
Don't forget to label all items so that children can easily identify their belongings.