Remote Learning Information and Help

Where will I find Remote Learning work for my child?

You will need to visit our school website at

You will not need to login, but will just need to select ‘Remote Learning’ and your child’s class.


Teachers will upload work for your children every day (generally, this will be done the afternoon/evening before, if you would like to look at it ahead of time). Please support your children in accessing the activities, and in completing them if appropriate, although most activities have been designed by teachers to be completed independently.

As well as a Home Learning pack to explain what needs to be done, teachers will upload resources and explanation videos to support understanding.

We will be making sure that any words or methods that you might not be familiar with will be explained clearly, and that as many tasks as possible have answers for either you to mark the work, or for the children to mark independently.

How does my child sign in to the VLE to be able to submit work?

We will also be using the VLE to allow pupils to submit work to us when requested, or to allow teachers to give feedback. Teachers will clearly indicate in their Daily Learning Pack when a piece of work needs to be sent to the class teacher for feedback.

All children will receive a new picture password as part of their resource pack from school.

Your child should sign into their VLE account using the supplied username and password. To do this, you need to go to the school’s website and press login. This will take you the following screen:

Press ‘Picture Login’ and use the password (made up of four icons), and then your child's initials. This will enable your child to log in.
How does my child send their work to their teacher on the VLE?
Once they are logged in, children will be able to see their Dashboard. Here, they will be able to read any messages that have been sent to them (i.e. feedback from their class teacher). They will also be able to send their completed work to their teacher by pressing 'New Message'. 
The new message section is very self-explanatory- it works just like sending an email. The teacher's name will come up by beginning to type it in the 'To' box. Children can type a message to their teacher in the main box, or even copy and paste work that they have completed in here. If the piece of work is a document, photograph or video, these can be added by pressing the orange 'Attach' button and selecting the correct file.
Although they may initially need guidance to do this, most children in Key Stage Two (and certainly Year Four upwards) should be able to complete this process independently.

If you have any further queries or issues with the remote learning process, please do get in touch with your child's class teacher.


Please note: If for any reason you (rather than your child) need to contact your child’s class teacher, please e-mail via the school office as normal, and messages will be directed to the appropriate member of staff. This is to protect staff well-being.

In addition: The VLE has the capability for children to send messages to their peers. At this difficult time, we please urge parents to discourage the use of this function.