Vision & Values

At Andoversford Primary School, we create an enriching environment with a sense of belonging, which nurtures children’s curiosity. Our goal is that all learners leave us as resilient, self-motivated individuals, ready to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Achievement – all children will have opportunities to achieve and reach their full potential so that they can celebrate success.
Self-belief – promoting an environment that encourages children to take risks and nurturing their confidence to have a go, knowing their own strengths as a learner.
Perseverance – Giving children the skills that build on resilience no matter what may challenge their thinking or learning.
Innovation – Giving children opportunities to explore and develop their own ideas through creative thinking and ‘Out of the box’ moments.
Respect – value others’ opinions and ideas, themselves and their local community and wider.
Enjoyment- providing children with stimulating experiences that will engage and motivate a love for long life learning.