Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class!
We are Year 5 and Year 6 at Andoversford Primary School. Our teacher is Miss Davis Butler and our teaching Assistant is Mrs Bowers. 
In the Autumn Term, our topic 'Conflict: Then and Now' was all about conflict starting 100 years ago with WW1 and more modern issues such as the Syrian crisis. Some of the things we learnt about include the type of transport used in WW1 and making comparisons to vehicles used in modern day warfare, designing our own WW1 inspired ambulances and writing newspapers and short stories about refugees fleeing Syria.
This term, we are learning all about human impact on the environment specifically focussing on plastic pollution on marine life. Our topic this term is therefore entitled 'Save Our Seas'.
You can use our class page to find out what we have been up to recently, learn about our topics covered throughout the year and access some important documents for our year group. Keep scrolling down and you'll come across some letters that have been sent out, important expectations of this year group and other items like our topic web for the term.
Spring Term 
Save Our Seas
This term we have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about plastics in the ocean and seeing how it links to all of the different curriculum subjects.
In Power of Reading, we read a book entitled 'A boy and a bear in a boat' and took part in lots of role play and freezeframes to increase our familiarity with the book. 
Our writing lessons were inspired by our PoR book and in turn we wrote our own adventure stories. We painted watercolour backgrounds based on the sea and wrote up our final drafts on our watercolours.
In dance, we've been creating and performing routines using plastic as our stimuli and working hard to edit and refine our pieces.
On Thursday 24th of January, we went on our school trip to Bristol aquarium. It was AMAZING! We got a guided tour of all the exhibits, got to feed some fish and have a talk about plastic impact on the ocean. 
We can't wait to see what we'll get up to in the second half of term...