Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class' webpage!
We are Willow Class (Year 5/6). Our teacher is Miss Davis-Butler and Mrs Bowers is our lovely teaching assistant!
Keep an eye on this page for updates throughout the year and see what each of our themes are for each term. You can also find important documents on this page that are helpful for parents to have.
UPDATE: Miss Davis-Butler here - welcome Willows! I will be using this page to keep you up-to-date and set you tasks that you can be doing at home whilst APS is closed. Keep checking regularly to see what work is expected to be completed and when.
Whilst we are away from school, please continue to make sure that you not only take good care of yourselves but also your loved ones. These are unfamiliar times for us all, but by rallying together and looking out for one another, it will making getting through it a whole lot easier! 
Home Learning Tasks: 
Don't forget to keep your learning neat and organised. Record your learning on the sheets/textbook or in the yellow workbook provided. Make sure you write the long date and the I can statement you are working on.
Please note: If there are any tasks that I ask you to send to me for feedback, these must be sent to me via the Messages system on the VLE. I have not yet heard from everyone, so please make sure you log on if you haven't already.
Monday 23rd March 2020
Y5: I can compare decimals.
Please complete page 7 and 8 of the MNP Workbook. Here is a video to help if you get stuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPCTdQbQvnI 
Y6: I can find a percentage of a number.
Please complete page 1 and 2 of the MNP Workbook. Here is a couple of videos to help if you get stuck:
Answers for your Maths work will be uploaded on Wednesday.
Number Sense
I would like you to practice on Times Tables Rock Stars for your number sense for the first part of the week.
I can make a prediction based on the front cover of the book.
Please look at the front cover of Kensuke's Kingdom (our new PoR book) and record what you can see in your yellow workbook under the subtitle of Front Cover. You can also record any questions you have. BE CAREFUL NOT TO READ THE BLURB. Then, once you have recorded your ideas, I would then like you to write this question and answer it in your books: Based on the front cover, what do you think Kensuke's Kingdom is about? I would like to read your predictions, so you can either re-type it up on the VLE and message it to me, or you can take a picture of what you have written in your books and send it to me on the VLE message system.
Your spelling activity is dictionary definitions plus a spelling lottery activity of your choice. Remember, you are working on spelling list number 25 at the moment.
Creative Writing.
Please access the website pobble365.com and find the image from 22.03.2020. Look at the image, and then scroll down to read the 'story starter' section. I would like you to write a narrative in third person (based on this image) using this for your opening sentence, 'As Toby's nose poked through the hole in the tree, he realised...'
I would expect you to write 2/3 paragraphs about this. Please use your writing targets and Y5/6 spelling list when writing this. Design your own success criteria and then self mark your writing with support from an adult. I have also uploaded a video to show you how to navigate pobble365.
DT: Sketch out your bee house (what it should look like when it is finished). Based on the process so far, write a mini evaluation of your product. This must include, what worked well, what didn’t work well, was it a functional/appealing/innovative product, and what would you do differently next time?
Similarly to your reading home learning, please take a photo of this and submit it to me through the VLE.
PSHCE: Practice some mindfulness. Perhaps do a hand scan, mindful breathing or you could even do some mindfulness outside! Close your eyes and focus on what you can smell, hear, feel.
Ten minute tests.
Don't forget 10-minute tests should also be completed on a weekly basis. If you are not sure which one you should be working on, the timetables are on our webpage below.
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Y5: I can compare up to three decimals. Please complete page 9,10,11 and 12 of your MNP WB. Remember < means less than, > means greater than.
Y6: I can find a percentage of a quantity. Please complete page 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of your MNP WB. Here is a video to help if you get stuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii4XIWSE4n8
Number Sense
Your NS task for today is to complete the Times Table Fact Sheet which is brown and green. It is a whole page representing 4x2=8. The page is divided into four - draw it, dissect it, derive it and deepen it. It is in the pack you took home. 
Answers for your maths work will be uploaded on Monday.
Thank you to those of you who submitted your predictions from Monday's home learning instructions via the VLE. It is not too late if you haven't managed it yet!
For today, I would like you to complete the 60-second read (Twinkl resource) entitled The Magic Hammer. You must give yourself 1 minute to read through the text. Then, answer the questions. You can of course read back through the text when you are answering them. Once you are happy you have completed all questions, then flip the page over and you will see the answers so you can purple pen. Don't peek at the answers before you finish - you'll only be cheating yourself!
Today's spelling activity is what you normally have on a Wednesday - your test! I have attached the document for this below so please ask an adult to support you with this. New spellings are also in this document.
For writing, I would like you to (if you haven't already) keep a journal of you time whilst school is closed. Record a paragraph or so of what you've done each day and how you feel in your yellow workbook. Perhaps you want to share it with a family member at the end of each day or you could ring a relative and read it out loud to them. This is not for me, it's for you so you do not need to submit this.
German: Design and draw your own little school pupil character. Then, in German, write at least 5 simple sentences about them using what we have learnt so far in school.
PSHCE: Locate your random acts of kindness sheet in your home learning pack. Add two ideas in the empty boxes. Try to do at least one each day for the rest of this week.
For those of you who enjoy my Picture News assemblies, they are now doing them weekly (every Friday) and online! https://vimeo.com/channels/picturenews
Ten minute tests
Make sure you keep on top of these. The timetables are on this page, just scroll down.
Also, make sure you get some sunshine - the weather is beautiful out there so make sure you take some breaks so you can enjoy some outside time.
Monday 30th March 2020
Y5: I can write fractions as decimals.
Please complete page 13 and 14 of the MNP WB. 
Y6: I can find a percentage change. 
Please complete page 8 and 9 of the MNP WB. 
Number Sense
Y5: I can identify multiples of a number.
Roll a dice (if you don't have one, here is a link to an online one https://www.online-stopwatch.com/chance-games/roll-a-dice/) and record the number rolled in your book. Then record the first 12 multiples of this number. Do this 5 times.
Y6: I can find a percentage of an amount. 
Join in with this video. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/znjqtfr/articles/zsgwq6f Record your calculations in your yellow workbook.
I have now uploaded the answers for last week's Wednesday Maths and Number Sense. You can find them if you scroll down. I have made a little video explaining the Times Table Fact Sheet expectations. It cuts off at the end as Olive tried to make her debut in the video, so I do apologise!
I can explore key characters.
Have a look at the map on the second page of the book. Record this question in your books and answer: After seeing the map, has your prediction changed? Explain your answer.
Then, read chapter 1. Ask an adult to read it aloud to you first, then reread it independently. Draw the outline of a boy in your book and create a Role on the Wall for Michael - we seem to have a thing for books where the main characters are called Michael! Remember, inside = feelings and emotion, outside = actions and behaviours.
Please take a picture and send this to me via the VLE for some feedback.
Your spelling activity is dictionary definitions plus a spelling lottery activity of your choice. Have you spotted what the rule is yet?
I would like you to create an information text about a period of history of your choice. You will need to research and plan this. This is a lengthier task so it will be both Monday and Wednesday's writing activity. Please draw a table in your books for this success criteria. Your information text must include:
- Introductory paragraph
- At least 3 other paragraphs - remember, these should be chunky! Not made up of 2 sentences.
- A glossary
- Images (printed or self drawn in colour) with captions
- Cohesive writing
- Formal language (no exclamation marks please!)
- Year 5 and 6 spelling words
Enjoy this project and really take the time to learn about something new. Please send this to me on the VLE towards the end of the week. Perhaps once you have created it, you could share it with your family and present it to them too!
Computing: I would like you to complete the Scratch tutorial entitled 'Code a Cartoon' and send me a screenshot of your completed code. Google Scratch and load up the website, click on Create>Tutorials>Code a Cartoon.
PSHCE: Start using the Coping Calendar shared on the Newsletter on Friday. This is a fab resource that will support not only your wellbeing, but others' too. I have also attached it as an image below.
Ten minute tests
Don't forget you have 2/3 due today. Make sure you have self marked them and asked for help where necessary. Start working through your next lot. 
I am very proud of you all for the work you are completing during this time. We know that one of our 5 ways to wellbeing is Learn and in keeping up with your school work, you are doing this! It is also so lovely to hear about the things you have been getting up to at home. 
One week until we open our letters that we wrote - don't be tempted to open them early! How about we all open them at 10am on the 6th so we can all do it at the same time!
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Y5: I can round decimals. Please complete page 29 and 30 of your MNP WB. We have rounded decimals before, so perhaps you can start by writing yourself a little handy tip e.g. When rounding to the nearest tenth, you must check the digit in the hundredths column.
Y6: I can compare quantities. Please complete page 14 to 20 of your MNP WB. This is the start of our new unit, ratio. Use this link to help if you get stuck: https://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/ratio.html 
Number Sense
Your next NS tasks is to complete another Times Table Fact Sheet. This time I would like you to complete the one that represents 7x9=63 (the purple and blue sheet). If you are not sure how to complete this, I put up a little video explaining the expectations below entitled 'TimesTableFactSheetExpectation.MOV'.
Answers will be uploaded for both of these tasks on Monday. Don't forget, all answers for previous Maths activities can be found below.
Please complete the 60-second read entitled 'Father William'. This can be found in the learning pack you were sent home with. Answers are also in the pack so you can self-assess with your purple pen.
It is a Wednesday which means Spelling Test day! I have attached the document below and you will need to ask an adult for some support with this one. Good luck!
I would like you to continue working on your historical information texts. Submit them via the VLE when complete. There is no rush if you would like to do this during Easter as well.
Keep up to date on your journals too if you started one last week. What an interesting time in your lives to reminisce about in the future!
Science: I am setting you a mini research tasks. Recap what solids, liquids and gases are. Then find out what is meant by sieving, filtering and evaportating. You can send me pictures of you research via VLE if you would like.
PSCHE: Design and create your own wheel of choice for an emotion of you choice from this list (upset, angry, frustrated, anxious). Send it your pictures and you may get featured on the class webpage!
Ten minute tests
Make sure you keep up-to-date on these.
Keep up the good work Willows! You are all doing such a fab job so please don't stress. If there is something you find tricky, don't beat yourself up. Take a deep breath and do something else. You've got time to come back to things. I want you to focus on your wellbeing during this time as this is very important! I love seeing your pictures of the other things you are getting up to during this time; I've seen weaving, drawing and puppy cuddles!