Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class' webpage!
We are Willow Class (Year 5/6). Our teacher is Miss Davis-Butler and Mrs Bowers is our lovely teaching assistant!
Miss Thomas here, taking over the Willow Class webpage!
Children in some year groups will be going back to school from today. Because I'll be setting work for all of the children still at home, your home learning will now be uploaded once a week, each Monday. Remember though, this is a week's worth of work, so pace yourself- don't panic and try to do it all at once! 
During the rest of the time that you are working at home, you need to contact me instead of Miss D-B to ask any questions or to share your fantastic work (you can do this using the VLE).
Whilst you're waiting for your new work to be set, don't forget that you can still read, use Times Table Rockstars, or have a go at any activities from previous weeks which you didn't have a chance to complete. There are also some brilliant videos and activities on BBC Bitesize, if you have not seen these yet.
I hope you all had a wonderful half term!
Miss Thomas
Handy Documents for Willow Class:
Home Learning Tasks: 
Don't forget to keep your learning neat and organised. Record your learning on the sheets/textbook or in the yellow workbook provided. Make sure you write the long date and the I can statement you are working on.
Please note: If there are any tasks that I ask you to send to me for feedback, these must be sent to me via the Messages system on the VLE. I have not yet heard from everyone, so please make sure you log on if you haven't already.
Previous Learning tasks and resources
Wednesday 20th May 2020
Thank you to those of you who have sent me messages - it is so lovely hearing from you. Don't forget to reply to the message on your VLE entitled 'Message from Miss D-B' if you haven't already. Have a lovely week, Willows! Miss you all.
Y5: I can draw lines and angles. Please complete page 59-60 of your MNP WB. This carries on nicely from Monday's lesson so if you are not sure, click on the line from Monday's lesson. 
Y6: I can describe patterns with objects. Please complete page 48 of your MNP WB. I have again attached the MNP TB pages below so read through these first before you attempt the WB questions.
Number Sense
Two tasks today! Please practice your Times Table Rock Stars, particularly in The Studio. See what your highest score is. Keep your eyes peeled for the newsletter as there will be a TTRS related challenge that you might be interested in. 
Please complete the Times Table Challenge Sheet in your pack representing 8 x 3 = 24. I shall upload the answers in due course.
Wednesday's mean reading comprehension. Please complete the 60-second entitled 'The Hunger Games'. The answers are on the reverse once you have completed it to purple pen.
Spelling test time! Ask an adult to read aloud the document for you and then look at it to purple pen individually. 
Use this time to type up your final piece (from Monday's lesson) if you haven't already and share it with me. I will post a selection on the website!
MFL: I have attached the instructions below for a German activity - I know how much you all love Deutsch! You'll be learning about number to 100. Send me a picture once you've completed the grid. If you don't have a printer, no problem! Draw your own 10 x 10 grid and complete!
PSHCE: Today's focus is from CLANG (5 ways to wellbeing), specificially L for Learn. I challenge you to learn a new skill. Let me know what you get up to!
Update: Anna and her mum have signposted me to this website which is celebrating the Hay Festival. There are talks from many of your favourite authors including Michele Paver talking about Wolf Brother on the 22nd! Check it out here: https://www.hayfestival.com/c-247-programme-for-schools.aspx?resetfilters=true&localesetting=en-GB 
A little snapshot into what we get up to in Willow Class:
Documents and attachments for home learning: