Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class!
Our teacher is Miss Packer and we have the lovely Mrs Bowers supporting us on a Wednesday and Thursday.
This term, our theme is  Blitz & Peaces! 
We will be looking at key events that happened during World War 2.
We will also be looking into how Britain was affected by the war between 1939 and 1945. 
Fancy a festive challenge Willow Class?
As we enter the month of December, we are officially on the countdown towards Christmas! 
Christingle's are made as they are a symbolic object in the Christian faith, with each part having a different meaning. The orange symbolises the world, while the candle is used to represent Jesus who is the light of the world. 
Follow the instructions to make your own Christingle at home.
Either bring in some photos of you making your Christingle or bring your creation into school to celebrate the festive season with us!
Fancy a challenge Willows? 
Complete one of these November Maths Masters problems everyday of November.
Bring the activity into class when you have solved it for an ASPIring reward! 
Some of the children have already completed options from their topic homework grid!
Keep it up Willow Class, they look amazing! 
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Parent Welcome Pack
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