Andoversford Primary School

Andoversford Primary School

We ASPIRE to do our best!

Andoversford Primary School, Gloucester Road, Andoversford, Gloucestershire, GL54 4HR

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Meet the Staff

The Andoversford Team
Welcome to our school. The following faces will become familiar to you during your time at Andoversford:

Rachel Bradley-McKay

  • Headteacher
  • English Lead
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Bradley McKay is our Headteacher. She also teaches Willow Class during Miss Packer's PPA release and Beech Class on a Wednesday morning.

Hayley Armstrong

School Business Manager

Mrs Armstrong will often be the first person you meet or speak to at school. She is the face of our busy office, as well as managing the school finances.

Cat Henderson


Mrs Henderson is an experienced SENDCo who works with us at Andoversford as well as another school in the North Cotswolds.

Annabelle Warren

  • Ash Class Teacher (Early Years)
  • Arts Lead

Mrs Warren works part-time, and spends every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with Ash Class. 

Sarah Nott

  • Ash Class Teacher (Early Years)
  • Mind, Body and Soul Lead

Mrs Nott works part-time, and spends every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Ash Class.

Ellie Gunnell

  • Oak Class Teacher  (Y1 & Y2)
  • Maths Lead

Miss Gunnell works full-time in Oak Class. 

Rachel Beaton


Forest School Champion

Mrs Beaton is a HLTA, who provides PPA cover and release time in Oak on a Tuesday morning and Beech Class on a Wednesday afternoon. She also delivers support and intervention across the Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Mrs Beaton is also a Midday Supervisor

Jess Harding

Willow Class TA

Miss Harding supports pupils in Beech Class and delivers Fizzy interventions for pupils across the school. 

Miss Harding is also a Midday Supervisor.

Chelsea Packer

  • Willow Class Teacher (Y5& Y6)
  • Humanities Lead

Miss Packer works full-time in Willow Class.

Megan Thomas

  • Beech Class Teacher (Y3 & Y4)
  • Science & Technology Lead
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Thomas works part-time, spending every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Friday with Beech Class.


Paula Bowers

Beech & Willow Class TA

Mrs Bowers works in Beech and Willow Classes. She delivers support and intervention across Key Stage 2.


Mrs Bowers is also a Midday Supervisor.

Heather Luckett

Beech Class TA

Mrs Luckett works with Beech Class on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to support pupils and deliver interventions.

Mrs Luckett is also a Midday Supervisor.

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