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Online Safety

In today's world, technology and the internet are an everyday part of life. It is vitally important that children growing up with access to a vast online world are taught how to stay safe. At Andoversford Primary School, we believe that this can only be done through an effective partnership between home and school. In school, we deliver a curriculum which includes advice and guidance about e-safety and teaches pupils how to access online resources safely. At home there are many ways that you can keep your child safe, which change as your child grows older and has increasing independence online. Take a look at the support available for parents:

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Unfortunately, more and more often we hear about children being exploited online. The Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board (GSCB) in partnership with the Gloucestershire Child Sexual Exploitation Team, have produced a leaflet for parents. Parents and carers could have an important role to play in protecting children from exploitation, helping to cut them free from this horrific form of child abuse. Take a look at the useful documents on this page to access the advice.

‘Young people are growing up in a world where technology has always been present for them and this can have both a positive and negative impact on their lives. Our overall wellbeing is determined by the physical and emotional experiences we have on a daily basis. As technology continues to be such a huge part of our lives, from the way we represent who we are to the interactions we have with others, it too has an impact on our wellbeing. This is often referred to as your 'digital wellbeing' or 'online wellness.' Childnet have produced information about digital wellbeing. There are information packs available which link to the age range of pupils. Follow the below link to find out more: 

Digital Wellbeing

County Lines

How much do you know about County Lines? The Children's Society and Police have created a joint document with information to support parents, which is especially useful to help understand how organised criminals use social media to exploit or groom children. Find it here:

Useful Documents

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