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Letters & Forms

At Andoversford, we are working hard to ensure that we produce as little waste as possible. This means that we are 'paper-free' wherever possible. We send information by email and you can respond with an email too. If you do need to complete a form, you can send it back electronically to save paper.

Recent Letters 

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Absence Requests
Parents are responsible for making sure their children attend school regularly and on time. If your child will have a planned absence from school, please complete an Absence Request form before they are due to be off school. Absence can only be authorised for a few reasons, such as to attend a medical appointment which cannot be made outside of school hours. In the case of illness, you can email or telephone the school to let us know that your child will not be attending. 
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Administration of Medicines
 If your child needs to be given medicine while they are in school, please complete the Administration of Medicines form below. Please note, we can only administer prescribed medication in its original packaging as directed by the doctor. We can administer non-prescribed medicines, such as pain relief medication, in exceptional circumstances, for example after an injury or as part of the recovery process for a longer-term illness. 
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Medical Conditions and Allergies
 If your child has a medical condition, such as asthma or an allergy, please make sure that you let us know. We can support children with their medical needs by sharing information. You can find the forms here:
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