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Andoversford Primary School

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Andoversford Primary School, Gloucester Road, Andoversford, Gloucestershire, GL54 4HR

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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Statement

 At Andoversford Primary School our curriculum is designed to:

  • inspire and motivate our pupils
  • develop a thirst for knowledge
  • broaden the experiences that our pupils have
  • allow pupils to make connections
  • enable pupils to discover their strengths and personal interests
  • prepare pupils for their future lives
  • enable our pupils to contribute to a wider society

At Andoversford, we use a thematic learning approach which offers a wealth of real-life, purposeful experiences to teach the National Curriculum subjects in a range of contexts. We have created overarching umbrella contexts, which allow our teachers flexibility in order to adapt the theme to suit a particular cohort, whilst still providing the core skills and knowledge for the age-range. Our curriculum is designed with vocabulary development at its heart so that pupils can learn to process the meaning of new language, making links within subjects, across subjects and across academic years. We recognise the importance of memory and how recall or ongoing practice can be used to develop the function of the brain. In our careful curriculum planning we endeavour to ensure that the core learning is recapped, revisited and reinforced throughout a child’s time at Andoversford. We aim to make the key knowledge, skills and vocabulary unforgettable.

At Andoversford we have designed an ambitious curriculum for all of our learners. We adopt an inclusive approach, so that all children can access as much of the curriculum as possible. However, we recognise that in some cases we need to make adaptations or adjustments to meet the needs of some individuals.

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When children join Andoversford Primary School in Reception, they follow the Early Years Curriculum. At the end of the first year at school, children are assessed against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP). More detailed information about what is included in this can be found here.
From Year 1 onwards, pupils follow the programmes of study in the National Curriculum. You can find out more information here.
Oxford Owl, part of Oxford University Press, have produced some useful guides for parents. Find out more about each year group here.
To ensure that all pupils leave us as confident readers, we use the Letters and Sounds programme to teach phonics from the very start of Reception. Children have access to reading books which are carefully organised to help them to practise the sounds which they know. We select reading books from a combination of high quality reading schemes to ensure that all interests are covered, but we have a large number of Bug Club books and books from Oxford University Press, including lots of Project X titles. Reading for pleasure is very important to us and we encourage pupils to borrow shared reading books and books from the library alongside their home readers.
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