Andoversford Primary School

Andoversford Primary School

We ASPIRE to do our best!

Andoversford Primary School, Gloucester Road, Andoversford, Gloucestershire, GL54 4HR

01242 820407

The School Day

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What do we do?
The school day begins at 8:40am when we open our gates and children can enter the classroom. Parents can drop children off from this time. We start the day with a Thinking Skills activity which is designed to wake up the brain before the register is taken at 8:50. 
In the morning we have two active sessions in between lessons to help with focus and concentration. Children all take part in  a T.E.A.M activity (Ten Extra Active Minutes) which is a guided yoga, dance or Daily Mile session at 10:00 and a break time at 11:00 to ensure that they stay active throughout the day. Active children are not only healthier, but also can concentrate more and their academic performance increases.
At lunchtime we have PlayPod equipment, which the children use to stay active and engage in creative play. They can dress up, build dens, act out role play and generally have fun!
The School day ends at 3:10pm. Children are collected from the classroom door on the playground. 
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