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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class!

Our teacher is called Miss Packer.

We have the lovely Mrs Bowers working with Willow Class Monday - Thursday.

Keep an eye out for updates on our page throughout the year to see what fantastic things we get up to!


 Our theme this term is called...

Our theme this term is very History heavy! We will be focusing on the Victoria period, as well as looking at the Industrial Revolution.

We will look at how inventions from this era helped shape the world we live in today and also some of the influential people from this time!

Willow Class are heading to the Black Country Living Museum!

We have some exciting news! We have confirmed dates for our class trip this week.

You should have received a letter from the office with all of the details, but we have provisionally booked our trip for Friday 1st July!

We are super excited... the letter is attached below for you to find out more about payment and times etc!

Summer Term Documents

 Revolution! Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Revolution! Summer Term Homework.pdfDownload
 Willow Class Revolution! RSE Letter.pdfDownload
 Willow Class Revolution! Welcome Letter.pdfDownload
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Friday 27th May 2022

Sports Day!

We had a fantastic day out in the sunshine!

Wednesday 18th May 2022

Maths: Fluency Facts

In our Fluency Facts session today, we went back over how to find a fraction of an amount (Y5) and how to find a percentage of an amount (Y6).

Once we were confident, we had a go at solving problems using our knowledge - we were even able to complete a tricky tarsia! 

We even had a go at making our own in Thursday's session!

Friday 13th May 2022

Science: Light

This term, we are learning all about Light in Science.

We kicked off our new unit by recapping the important key points that we remember from Year 4.

Miss Packer found is so tricky to select a couple to go onto our class webpage, as they were all absolutely fantastic!

Look at our amazing presentation!

Wednesday 11th May 2022

English: Inferring information from a picture

We started a brand-new book today in our English sessions!

Before we were allowed to see the cover and title, we have to infer clues about it, using only pictures!

Monday 25th April

History: The Victorian Era

 Today, we kicked off our new theme by looking at the events that took place during the Victorian period.

Did you know that school wasn't compulsory for children until 1880? We were shocked by this too!

Spring Term 2022

We will be learning about the human body, in particular how the circulatory and digestive systems work. We will also spend some time looking at inspirational people, who have overcome challenges in their life, as well as celebrating the differences that make us all unique!

Year 6 Revision

 Here is the link to the BBC Bitesize page, which has lots of interactive resources that may be useful during the Easter break for a little revision. 

I have also attached a document below full of SPAG terminology which you need to know!

Willow Class' Easter Holiday Reading Competition

Over Easter, we have set Willow Class a challenge!

We are asking ALL children to read as many books as they can that are in line with their current book band (and yes... this does mean finishing the book!). 

Each child has been given an activity sheet which they need to colour each time they read a book from start to finish.

They also have a copy of 'recommended books' for their age group - there are extra points on offer for those that manage to read books from this list!

I have attached copies of these sheets below, just in case your child has misplaced theirs!

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Friday 1st April 2022

Homework Showcase!

Tuesday 29th March 2022

English: Reading - Double Bubble

 In our English session, we read the next few chapters of our class book, Skellig. 

We then had a go at comparing two characters (Mina and Leakey), looking a little deeper at their personality traits and how they similar or different.

We came up with some fantastic ideas for example:

Mina was very observant, but quite demanding, whereas Leakey was bossy and very sporty.

We decided that both of them had a poor attitude and were quite possessive of Michael!

Great work Willow Class! 

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Geography: Fieldwork

 Today, we spent the afternoon in the Outdoor Learning Area. 

In pairs, we created a 'Messy Map' of the area, creating our own key for the features we chose to identify.

We are in the process of 'publishing' our maps.

Check back to see the finish products at the end of the week!

Thursday 10 th March 2022

First Aid Training

Thursday 3rd March 2022

World Book Day!

Monday 28th February 2022

Spelling Homework

This is your homework task to complete and return to school on Monday 7th March 2022.

This can be completed in a way of your choice.

Friday 18th February 2022

Remote Learning

 Good morning Willow Class!

Well, this isn't the way we'd hope to spend the last day of our half term!

Here are 4 activities for you to have a go at today, whilst at home.

I've put the template that you can use just underneath this message, but please feel free to draw/create your own. There are also some examples of the Vocappulary task underneath too, just for inspiration!

Send you work over to Mrs Armstrong in the office when you're done for us to share on social media and our webpage.

Please make sure you complete Week 6: Day 5 of your Daily Maths Book before we return to school!

I hope you all have a lovely half term break - you've worked super hard this half term and I'm really proud of you all.

Miss Packer :)

 Reading - Vocappulary Template.pdfDownload
 Theme - Circle Books Template.pdfDownload
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Friday 28th January 2022


We’ve been reading Wonder in class and today we published our own poems, which show how Via (August’s sister) was feeling when she met her brother for the first time. 
Check out our fantastic creations! 

Thursday 20th January 2022


 Last week, we started a brand-new approach to Spelling! 

Over a two-week cycle, we carry out lots of investigation work, along with short activities looking at different spelling rules and practicing using our new words in context.

Willow Class have done a fantastic job with their learning - check out the examples below.

I wonder if any children from Willow Class can spot their work?

Friday 14th January 2022

PSHE - Keeping Healthy

 We have been looking at Dental Hygiene in our PSHE sessions recently. 

We wanted to find out how sugary drinks affect our teeth.

We set up our own experiments choosing either water, squash, lemonade, cola or squash and egg shells to investigate this!

The 5 ways to wellbeing 30-day challenge 

The wellbeing challenge is set to launch on Monday 17th January! 

Please find below some more feel good five activities to try at home. Good luck and have fun! 

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Welcome back!

We kicked the Spring term off with Art Week!

In Willow Class, we are creating 3 pieces of artwork that will feature in our Virtual Art Gallery on Friday.

It got very messy in the classroom this morning, as we started to Papier-Mache.

I wonder if you can guess what we're making... 

Autumn Term 2021

 Our theme this term is called..LIVING OFF THE LAND!
This term will be learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and how the discoveries from this time period helped change the world! 
After half term, we will spend some time finding out about Charles Darwin and how he came up with his Theory of Evolution.
We will also look at his voyage to the Galapagos Islands!

Friday 10th December 

Topic Homework Showcase

As we couldn’t all be together to celebrate Willow Class’ fantastic creations, I have put together a video for us to watch. 

Willow Class, you have worked so so hard this term - I’m so proud of all of you! 
Enjoy the video everyone! 
Merry Christmas!

Monday 6th December 2021

Christmas Rehearsals

Here the list to our class song, The First Noel.

Have a listen at home and try to sing all the way to the second verse!

A little extra practice goes a long way!

Tuesday 30th November 2021


We had a big discussion in Willow Class today about age-appropriate books and why it's important to read books that are in-line with our coloured book band. 

It's good to read other books too, but its super important that we read these on top of our coloured book band as these help us get even better at reading fluently!

In school, I shared with Willow Class the Top 100 Recommended Reads for both Year 5 and 6. 

Today, I set the children a challenge of looking to see how many of the books they have already read and which ones they would really like to read in the future and why.

I've asked the children to have a really good look and let me know they're favourite book from the list that they would like us to have in our book corner, after Christmas! 

Bring your suggestions to me and I'm hoping that Santa may be very generous this year with a book delivery!

Friday 19th November 2021

Children in Need 

Wednesday 10th November 2021

PE - Tag Rugby

We are really fortunate in Willow Class, as we get Harry (a coach from Gloucester Rugby Club) visit our school each Wednesday afternoon, teaching us how to play Tag Rugby!

Thursday 4th November 2021

Spelling - Spelling Lottery

Every week, we use one of our Spelling sessions to take part in Spelling Lottery.

We get given a menu of choices, which shows us different, creative ways of practicing our spellings.

We choose a new way to practice each week, as we know that practicing and seeing the word in a variety of ways helps to embed it in our long term memory!

Use our Spelling Lottery menu below to help you choose a way of practicing this week! 

Monday 1st November 2021

History - What was Skara Brae?

 After completing some independent research, we created our own iMovie or Keynote presentation to show what we found out.

Check out our creations!

Willow Class' Wheel of Choice

 We have been working hard this term learning how we to recognise and regulate our emotions ourselves. 

We have our own Wheels of Choice in Willow Class, as well as our class ones.

Watch our video to find out more!

Friday 14th October 2021


 We had a great time in PE today. We completed our training so that we can become Sports Ambassadors after half term!

We thought about the traits that a good play leader would have to begin with, then we invented our own games. We even taught another group how to play!

Monday 4th October 2021

History: Cave Paintings

We had the chance to create our own cave paintings today.

To ensure we had the right texture, we screwed up our piece of paper so that we could experience what it was actually like to draw on the walls!

Thursday 30th September 2021

English: Reading - Role Play

We read more of our class book, Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age, today. Dug and Dugs (Mum and Dad) were having a conversation about Ug’s recent behaviour. We talked about how his parents felt about this and we noticed that their facial expressions could help us infer this.

In pairs, we used role play to help us consider what they may say next, but also to help us predict what other mischievous behaviour and suggestions may occur based on what we know so far!

Monday 27th September 2021

Science: Classification

Today, we extended our knowledge even further by creating classification keys to organise and sort animals of our choice.

We did a fantastic job and presented our work beautifully!

Thursday 23rd September 2021


 This week, we are starting to write our information reports to explain what life was like in the Stone Age. 
Today, we wrote our first paragraph using the slow writing technique. This is where each of our sentences contain a different feature. 
Check out these fantastic opening paragraphs! 

Monday 20th September 2021

Trip to Greystones

We had an fantastic day today at Greystones Farm, exploring life in the Iron Age.

In small groups, we had the chance to make flour from grain, build a fire and a wall!

Willow Class were absolutely fantastic today and the volunteers from Greystones commented on how well behaved we were!

Great job Willow Class!

Friday 17th September 2021


This week, we have been looking at key events that took place between the Stone and Iron Age. 

In our books, we made our own pre-historic timelines.

Check out our fabulous presentation. We have been working hard this week to present our work in different ways.

What do you think?

Friday 10th September 2021

Stone Age Day!

 Today, we spent the WHOLE morning learning about our new topic! 

We started the morning making a timeline to show us just how far back the Stone Age actually was. We used a toilet roll as our timeline for this!

Afterwards, we were set a challenge. In groups of 4, we had to build a replica of Stonehenge out of yummy biscuits. We were fantastic at this and worked brilliantly in our team!

We got a little creative after break and used clay to make our own Stone Age jewellery! Next week (once the clay is dry!) we will assemble our creations and make either a Stone Age necklace or bracelet!

Monday 6th September 2021

Welcome back everyone!

We kicked off the year with a little bit of Science this afternoon!

As we are looking at Living Things this term, we recapped what we already knew about classification. We used our prior knowledge to help us create our own classification keys to help us group some rather yummy sweets based on their similarities and differences! 

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