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Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

Our teacher is Miss Gunnell and our fabulous teaching assistant is Mrs Beaton.
Keep an eye out for updates on our page throughout the year to see what wonderful things we get up to in Oak Class.

Summer Term 2022-23

Our Topic this term is...London's Burning!

In this topic, we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London in 1666. To find out more about what we will be covering in the various curriculum areas this term, have a browse through our 'knowledge organiser' below. 

Sports Day 2023

Art: Drawing and Oil Pastel Techniques 

In Art, we learned about different oil pastel techniques and used these to create butterfly life cycles inspired by Eric Carle. We created large sheets of patterned paper just like Eric Carle which we then cut out and layered to create the different stages of the life cycle.

PE: Cricket

We have been loving our cricket lessons so far with our experienced cricket coach. We have been playing lots of games to help improve our throwing, catching and batting skills. 

Design and Technology: Textiles 

In DT, we designed and created our own Bog Baby finger puppets. We learned about four different ways to join fabrics together: glueing, stapling, pinning and running stitch. Don’t they look fantastic! 

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Spring Term 2022-23

Our Topic this term is...Habitats!

We will be learning all about different habitats all around the world, as well as life cycles of different creatures.

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30.3.23 Creating our own non-fiction class book 

We loved researching information about emperor penguins using the iPads yesterday. Today, we used this information to write about a single topic each (habitat, diet, appearance or lifecycle) and put them together to make our own class non-fiction text. 

Topic Homework Showcase 27.3.23

This term, the children created some fantastic, creative pieces of topic homework. They found it very difficult to choose their favourite! 

First Aid Workshop 16.3.23

Today, we took part in a First Aid workshop where we learned about emergencies and non-emergencies, what to do if we have a nose-bleed and the recovery position.  

World Book Day 3.3.23

For World Book Day, we looked at the author Abi Elphinstone and focused on her brilliant picture book- The Frost Goblin. We created our own book reviews and were very inspired by the beautiful illustrations. We also had lots of great character spoon competition entries! Can you guess which books inspired them? 

Week Beginning 6.2.23

This week in English we have written some fantastic non-chronological reports about bees and instructions for how to make a moth feeder. Both of these writing tasks have been linked to our Power of Reading texts- ‘The Bee who spoke’ by Al MacCuish and ‘Moth: An Evolution Story’ by Isabel Thomas. 


In January, we have been fortunate enough to have a gym coach working with us on our gymnastic skills. We have loved making different shapes and holding balances on various pieces of equipment. 

Art Week - The Day the Crayons Came to Andoversford Primary School

We hope you enjoy our picture book based on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. 

Art Week - Week beginning 2.1.23 

In Oak Class, we explored colour mixing, painting with different tools and the work of Oliver Jeffers. We are really looking forward to sharing our final piece at our Art Gallery next week! Watch this space...

Autumn Term 2022-23

Our Topic this term is...Wild Creatures! 

We will be learning about the reign of the dinosaurs which started over 250 million years ago!

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Snow Day - Monday 12th December 2022

 Hello Oak Class, I hope you had a fabulous day in the snow yesterday! I wrapped up warm, went for a lovely walk and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate on my way home.  In the document below, there are a few ideas of some challenges you may wish to take part in today. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your fun in the snow when we return to school.

Miss Gunnell

Our Class Wheel of Choice

Wheels of Choice are a really useful tool to help us when we’re dealing with a range of emotions. Examples of our chosen strategies include:  taking gentle sips of water, reading a book, using a breathing technique and having some fresh air. 

Phonics Game - Find Fred

Watch the video below to find out how to play this fun phonics game.

6.12.22 Topic Homework Showcase 

2.12.22 Christmas Candle Making 

3.11.22 Class Trip to Birdland

28.9.22 History 

In History, we learned about four different dinosaurs- the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. We looked at the characteristics of the different dinosaurs and learned some incredible facts. Did you know that a Diplodocus’ tail was nearly 20 meters long?

Week Beginning 12.9.22 Art: Printing 

In Art, we have been learning about printing. We created relief prints using potatoes and cardboard and string, and negative prints by carving into foam boards. Our final piece involved selecting our most effective printing tool and printing dinosaur scales onto an outline.

Week Beginning 12.9.22 English: Free-Verse Poems

In English, we worked together to create our own free-verse poems about the setting of our new English text- 'Wild' by Emily Hughes. 

7.9.22 PHSE What is the same and different about us?

In PHSE, we have been learning about our likes and dislikes. We found that we all like and dislike different things...and that's ok! We had a class challenge of finding one thing that we all disliked and decided that we all disliked people being mean to others. 

Oak Class Highlights 2021-2022

Topic Homework

Oak Class have produced some fabulous pieces of homework linked to our topic this term. 

15.7.22 Royal International Air Tattoo 

7.7.22 Art- Clay Sculptures 

In Art, Oak Class created some amazing sculptures of African animals!

29.6.22 Cotswold Wildlife Park 

Oak Class visited Cotswold Wildlife Park as part of our Animal Safari topic. 

27.6.22 Musi-stories Workshop

Oak Class took part in a fabulous ‘musi-stories’ workshop.  We listened to the harp being played and learned about how this beautiful instrument makes music. We then explored how we can make music using our bodies and told our own stories through music.

24.6.22 Geography Fieldwork Day

Oak Class had a fabulous time creating some maps today of our school grounds and the local park. We discussed our feelings about the school grounds and how we might improve the park. Watch the video below to see our ideas and creations. 

9.6.22 Oak Class had a fabulous day at the Cheltenham Science Festival. 

First Aid Workshop 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their First Aid workshop. They learned about the recovery position and when to call to an ambulance. 

14.3.22 In PHSE, we are learning about how to keep safe. Click on the video below to hear our song about road safety. 


What an exciting day we have had! First, we looked at the children’s story boxes which they were incredibly proud of. Then, we explored M.G Leonard’s ‘The Tale of a Toothbrush’ and learned about the impact that plastic has on our oceans. Finally, we created our own illustrations of Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle (another of M.G Leonard’s stories) and used a toothbrush to create a splatter background. Look out for our finished pieces, coming to you soon...

28.2.22 We thoroughly enjoyed finishing off our Traction Man sequels today. Click on the video below to  read the children’s sequels involving Traction Man’s mission against the Scissors of Destruction!

7.2.22 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Coding Workshop

4.2.22 We have loved learning about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in our History lessons. Have a browse through some of our posters below to find out some information about the significant event.

14.9.21: Check out our English lesson from Tuesday. We were imagining we were a character from the book spotting Halibut Jackson for the first time...

5.10.21 We've learnt all about Autumn. See what we have found out by watching this video...

5.11.21 Guy Fawkes Workshop 

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