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Oak Class

Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class

Our teacher is Miss Gunnell and our fabulous teaching assistant is Mrs Beaton.
Keep an eye out for updates on our page throughout the year to see what wonderful things we get up to in Oak Class.

Summer 2022

Our Topic this term is...

Animal Safari

Throughout this topic, we will be learning about the African Savannah and the animals that can be found there. We will be comparing our local area to a small area of Africa in Geography, creating collages, sculptures and prints in Art, designing and building structures in DT and learning about rock music in our Music lessons. In Science, we will be learning about habitats and food chains, as well as animals (what they need to survive and life cycles) which also links to our PHSE work about what we need to grow and stay healthy. We will also be learning about how to recognise our feelings.

11.5.22 In English, we drafted, edited and published our own free-verse poems about the animals that live in the Savannah. We focused on using adjectives and adverbs to describe and give more information to the reader.

9.5.22 In PHSE, we have been learning about the effects that eating and drinking too much sugar can have on our teeth. We placed eggs into five different liquids and left them for three days to see what would happen. The egg shells are made of a similar substance to the enamel of our teeth. What do you notice about the effect of each liquid on the egg shell? 

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Spring 2022

Our Topic this term is...

Reach for the Moon!

Throughout this topic, we will be learning about some significant historical figures including Katherine Johnson and Neil Armstrong, different celebrations that take place in spring, features of our local area and all about everyday materials. 

Spring Term Homework Showcase 

24.3.22 Today we talked about what makes a good friendship and wrote a list of ingredients that we would need to make a ‘Friendship Soup’.

First Aid Workshop 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their First Aid workshop. They learned about the recovery position and when to call to an ambulance. 

14.3.22 In PHSE, we are learning about how to keep safe. Click on the video below to hear our song about road safety. 

4.3.22 Our ‘Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle’ pictures are brightening up our book corner. Can you guess what we used to create the splatter background?  


What an exciting day we have had! First, we looked at the children’s story boxes which they were incredibly proud of. Then, we explored M.G Leonard’s ‘The Tale of a Toothbrush’ and learned about the impact that plastic has on our oceans. Finally, we created our own illustrations of Rex the Rhinoceros Beetle (another of M.G Leonard’s stories) and used a toothbrush to create a splatter background. Look out for our finished pieces, coming to you soon...

28.2.22 We thoroughly enjoyed finishing off our Traction Man sequels today. Click on the video below to  read the children’s sequels involving Traction Man’s mission against the Scissors of Destruction!

The 5 ways to wellbeing 30-day challenge 

The wellbeing challenge is set to launch on Monday 17th January! 

Please find below some more feel good five activities to try at home. Good luck and have fun! 

7.2.22 We had a fabulous morning taking part in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) coding workshop. We built our own chicken robots and programmed some commands to make them move and make a sound. We also learned about outputs and programmed a motion sensor, as well as a light to change colour and flash on our robot. After that we built a cat robot and programmed it to move around the floor in different directions. We really enjoyed working together and were excellent problem solvers.

4.2.22 We have loved learning about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in our History lessons. Have a browse through some of our posters below to find out some information about the significant event.

Week Beginning 31.1.22 In PHSE this term, we have been learning about jobs. Watch the video below to find out some of the things we have learned. 

25.1.22 Our Year 1 children are currently learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Today they learned about cubes and cuboids, and hunted for them around the classroom. Can you spot any when you are out and about?

20.1.22 Our Year 2 children had a great time working outside this morning, measuring and comparing the length of lines using metres as a unit of measure. Keep an eye on our page next week for updates on the Year 1 children's learning about shape.

17.1.22 Today we had a wonderful afternoon using our imaginations and collaborative skills to build our own friend for Beegu (the lost alien). We focused on working collaboratively by putting forward our ideas to the group, listening to others and sharing materials. Watch the video to see us at work and our final results. 

10.1.22 Wow! What a Monday it has been! After some peculiar reports of whirring noises and flashing lights from neighbours last night, Oak class were asked to investigate our outdoor area. We were astonished to discover pieces of metal, perhaps from a broken spaceship...We concluded that the spaceship malfunctioned and now the petrified alien is hiding out of sight. Please keep a look out!

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Autumn Term Highlights

10.9.21: Wow what a great first day back we are having! Check out what we have been up to so far today...

14.9.21: Check out our English lesson from Tuesday. We were imagining we were a character from the book spotting Halibut Jackson for the first time...

24.9.21 Today we prepared for our science investigation to find out what plants need to grow and be healthy. Which of our plants do you think will be the most successful?

24.9.21 We've been on a nature walk to see if we can spot the first signs of Autumn...

5.10.21 We've learnt all about Autumn. See what we have found out by watching this video...


We have had an amazing time this morning at Cheltenham Literature Festival getting to know the authors, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We even got to see Supertato on the way back home! 


We are very passionate about our Wheel of Choice. We made this at the start of the term. Watch this video to see a few pupils explaining how we use it...


Wow, some amazing homework has been coming in for Show and Tell sessions on a Friday. Don’t forget to check out the homework menu below for ideas.


Year 2 have started work on their fluency fact focus for this week, subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number. We’ve found using a number line incredibly helpful!

5.11.21 Today we are having a very exciting Guy Fawkes workshop all day! Keep your eyes peeled for updates through the day on our class webpage to see what we get up to!

Now we are having a go at making our own Guys and are writing down some facts we have learnt about him so far...

We’ve been making freeze frames. What London landmark do you think we are here?

8.11.21 Today we created our own 30-second round ups of our most important facts we learnt from our Guy Fawkes workshop on Friday. 

9.11.21 Today we set up a weather watching station which we are going to monitor for the next few weeks! We even had a mini visitor join us for a moment...

25.11.21 In our handwriting lessons with Mrs Beaton, we have been working on “the hook for our coat”. Can your child show you what this is?

25.11.21 Year 2 had a spelling lottery activity today and we chose the spelling scribble!

1.12.21 We are feeling so proud of our information texts today all about dormouse. Can you spot your text here?

10.12.21 We held our in class homework showcase today. Take a look at the video below to see what we shared/reshared. As you can see, we are so proud of our homework from the the Adventures Through Autumn homework menu!

16.12.21 Look at how proud we are of our handwriting. On the left you can see how we started in September, and on the right is from today.


Listen to our amazing creative writing:

Autumn Parent Packs 2021

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