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Beech Class

Beech Class are Year Three and Four, and are taught by Miss Thomas.
We are helped by our teachings assistant Mrs Bowers and Mrs Luckett.
This term, our topic is The Rainforest! 
We will be particularly focusing on the Amazon Rainforest, trying to understand the importance of this incredible part of the world, and what we can do to save it. We will be learning about plants and animals, arguing about deforestation, and creating some textile and collage work on the rainforest theme! We also have an exciting trip ahead of us this term- keep your eyes peeled for more information.


Our Knowledge Organiser and Parent Pack below contain all the information you should need about our topic this term. Please do get in contact if you have any questions!

 Beech Class Parent Pack- Summer Term 2023- The Rainforest.pdfDownload
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 Summer A- Knowledge Organiser- The Rainforest.pdfDownload
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Sewing Skills

This term, we will be designing and sewing rainforest flowers made from felt- first, we have needed to work on our sewing skills! So far, we have learned how to thread needles, tie knots in thread, and complete running stitch and back stitch. Next step will be overstitching, and then designing our flowers to incorporate our new abilities!

Poets in the making

We've been reading 'The Great Kapok Tree', in which we have been finding out all about the incredible Amazon rainforest. We have used this, and inspiring videos of the rainforest itself, to inspire some poetry.

We have been learning about the fact that poems don't have to rhyme, and that they can take whatever structure the poet feels is right. Look at our fantastic efforts!


We had an exciting delivery from Miss D-B's class at Sully Primary School in Penarth, Wales- they are going to be our new penpals! We've loved getting to know our new friends by reading their letters, finding similarities with them and picking who we would like to write back to. We're now working on our letters to our penpals and are looking forward to hearing back from them soon!

Fascinating Flowers

As part of our Rainforest topic, we've been discovering more about the part of plants and flowers, the purpose of these and how plants reproduce and spread their seeds. We were fascinated by dissecting flowers and looking at them closely, and loved creating double page diagrams of these and annotating them with our findings!

Some highlight's from last term's learning

See the Year 3/4 Residential page for photographs of our camping trip!

Science Fair

What an absolutely incredible afternoon! Beech Class did themselves proud today sharing the amazing Science investigations that they have been working on at home. They really impressed our visitors with how confidently they spoke about what they had discovered and absolutely wow-ed with their experiments.

Have a look at our superb event! Well done Beech Class! 

Magical Music

Mondays are very busy for us- as well as swimming, we have Clarinet lessons with Mrs Currie from Gloucestershire Music. In just two lessons, we've learned the parts of the clarinet, how to make a noise, and the first two notes! We've also found out how many beats the different notes are worth. We've even had a go at playing as an ensemble! 

It's going to be amazing to see how much progress we make over the next 16 weeks!

Super Swimming

This term, Beech Class are lucky enough to have swimming lessons every week at St Edwards school. We're using lots of perseverance and resilience to improve our skills each week!

Artsweek- Kev from The Beano

We started off Artsweek with Kev F from The Beano, who taught us all about how comic book characters are created and how comics are made. We each made our own comic strips, and produced our own comic as a class!

Artsweek- Oliver Jeffers

There were lots of stages to create our own versions of Oliver Jeffers' artwork! The first stage was drawing self-portraits in his style. We began with studying his style of drawing characters, and also worked hard on our watercolour skills with a particular focus on mixing colours accurately.

We then had a lot of fun exploring collaging skills, including overlapping, cutting into shapes, cutting out letters, doodling and adding paint. We created thought bubble collages to represent our own imaginations!

DT- Roman Chariots

Over the past few weeks, we have loved learning all about Roman chariots and how axles work, and have now created our own based on our 3D designs! We're very proud of how well they are constructed and how brilliantly they work. Look at our super work!

Making fossils

This week, we have learned all about how fossils are made, and even had the chance to create our own! 

We used clay to represent the soil/mud that surrounds the hard parts of the plant or animal, and made impressions of shells as would happen in sedimentary rock. The plaster of paris worked as the minerals which replace the bone or shell over time and turn into a fossil.

You might like to remind yourself how fossils are formed by watching this video: 

Layers of the Earth

Beech Class learned all about the different layers of the Earth this week, as well as how the three different types of rocks are formed- look at our fantastic double page spreads!

For some of us, this was our first attempt at double page spreads and we were really proud of the work that we created. What a superb start to the year!

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