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Beech Class

Beech Class are Year Three and Four, and are taught by Miss Thomas and Mrs Masek.
Mrs Mace also teaches Maths to our Year Threes.
We are helped by our teaching assistants Mrs Bowers and Miss Harding.
This term, our topic is Walk Like An Egyptian. 
We will be finding out all about the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt!


Have a look at our Knowledge Organiser to discover exactly what we will be learning this term.                   You can use this at home to practise knowledge from lessons we have already done, or to find out information before a lesson which is coming up!

The Parent Pack contains everything you'll need to know about what's going on in Beech Class this term!

The English file will also give you additional ways to support your children at home.


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Our trip to the Cheltenham Literature Festival! 

Beech Class had a great time finding out all about Ben Miller's 'How I Became a Dog Called Midnight.' 

The Wheel of Choice

Beech class have a choice of four wheels to help them regulate their emotions in school. Please check out the video below of our lovely children explaining how they use each wheel. 

Super Scientists!

We have loved learning about the human body this term! Check out our amazing double page spreads where children recorded all that they have learnt about the digestive system- we're really proud of them. They should be able to tell you all about what happens when you eat!

Did you know that if your intestine was laid out straight, it would be the length of a double decker bus?

Beech Class had a super Science lesson about the Digestive system today! We learned all about the roles that the different parts of the digestive system had, and re-enacted this practically to help us remember!

Here are the videos that we watched if you'd like to recap what we learned-

Digestive system - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize

Our Learning

We've been learning the names and purposes of the different bones in the human skeleton. Try out this fun build a skeleton game to practise what you have learned!

Build a Skeleton



We've also been beginningto learn about Ancient Egypt, including the life of Tutankhamun. There are some super videos on the BBC Bitesize website which will help you to learn even more!

BBC Bitesize- Ancient Egypt


Take a look at this amazing homework! She was inspired to find out more about the Egyptologist Howard Carter, so she decided to write a diary entry in character, describing his amazing discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

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