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8th November 2023

Coconut Barfi

With Miss Packer and Miss Cork, we made coconut barfi. This delicious treat was usually made and shared specifically for special occasions, such as Diwali. We used a mix of icing sugar, coconut and condensed milk (with a dash of food colouring) to create these tasty treats!

Endangered Species ASPIRE Day

19th May 2023

Today we spent the day in our house groups! We completed various workshops with each teacher to develop our understanding of endangered species around the world. It was a great opportunity to find out ways we can help and everybody was given a packet of seeds to plant at home to help increase the population of pollinators!

With Miss Packer, we worked collaboratively to complete a section of a large collage, which when joined together, makes the background for our Endangered Species day! 

With Miss Gunnell, we watched an animation based on the picture book 'There's a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom' and then worked together to create our own performance poems based on deforestation. 

In Forest School with Mrs Beaton, the children learned how important our pollinators are and set to work making a drinking station for them. To encourage insects back in the woodland we also made deadwood stacks and rock piles. At the end of the sessions, we read stories about honeybees and stag beetles. 


11th November 2022

Today we spent the day in our houses to learn the importance of Remembrance. With Miss Thomas, we worked in groups to create performance poems:

With Mrs Warren, we found out more about the conditions soldiers have to survive. We made some shelters to protect us from the rain:

With Miss Gunnell, we worked collaboratively to create some elaborate artwork. Each group made a different layer of the final picture! 

 With Miss Packer, we made our own poppy. They were then combined to create a whole school wreath, which looks incredible:

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