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Art Week 2023

Art Week 2023

This Year the theme for Art week was ILLUSTRATORS. It was a really good opportunity to find out how artists earn a living and learn more about the creative roles available. 

The whole school completed a study based on the work of Oliver Jeffers. 

We were also visited by Kev Sutherland, who ran comic book workshops for Children in Beech and Willow Class. 

In Ash Class we enjoyed meeting Kev Sutherland at the start of the week, we used some of the skills he talked about to draw our own cartoons during busy learning time with a focus task of drawing someone of our choice by the end of the week. We also loved exploring the illustrations in lots of Oliver Jeffers books, particularly the book titled 'stuck' which we thought was very funny. We chose to recreate the front cover and each used paint in colours of our choice to create a background before collaging our own trees and thinking of our own funny objects to be stuck in them! We even posed like the main character of the book and printed the photos to stick onto our covers. We can't wait to share our work with you. 

In Oak Class, we explored colour mixing, painting with different tools and the work of Oliver Jeffers. We made our own picture book called 'The Day the Crayons came to Andoversford Primary School' which we are really looking forward to sharing at our Art Gallery. Watch this space...

In Beech Class, we were especially inspired by this picture from the book 'The Heart and the Bottle':

There were lots of stages to create our own versions of these! The first stage was drawing self-portraits in his style. We began with studying his style of drawing characters, and also worked hard on our watercolour skills with a particular focus on mixing colours accurately.

We then had a lot of fun exploring collaging skills, including overlapping, cutting into shapes, cutting out letters, doodling and adding paint. We created thought bubble collages to represent our own imaginations!

Check out our final pieces and our section of the school Art Gallery!

In Willow Class, we explored collaging and the technique of layering to recreate Oliver Jeffers illustrated cover of The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. 

Afterwards, we had a go at collaging a few different animals, which link to our new English book to go on display in our classroom.

We can't wait to share our final pieces with you at our Art Gallery!

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